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Underground mine cave-in, image kindly provided by The Victorian Historical Mine Shaft Chasers Inc ...
Posted 22/01/2020 in History
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Hidden history around Maryborough, Victoria

Maryborough is filled with significant remnants of a bygone era. Grand gold rush architecture is a striking feature of the town, and long-forgott...
Posted 30/12/2019 in History
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21 amazing day trips from Victoria's Central Goldfields

Grand Canyon, Grampians National Park VIC Do you live in Victoria's Central Goldfields? Check o...
Posted 28/11/2019 in Adventure
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Surfacing in the Victorian Goldfields

Does this barren red landscape look familiar? It's a f...
Posted 17/08/2019 in Gold
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Spectacular rocky outcrops of the Victorian Goldfields

Dog Rocks, Harcourt North VIC Rocky peaks, massive boulders and beautiful sc...
Posted 03/06/2019 in Places
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Best bushwalks in the Victorian Goldfields

Dog Rocks, Mt Alexander Regional Park, Harcourt North VIC ...
Posted 27/05/2019 in Things to do
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Lone Graves of the Goldfields

Lone graves are a fascinating feature of the Victorian Goldfields, and along with the region's histor...
Posted 25/05/2019 in History
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15 top spots for family barbecues in the Victorian Goldfields

Lions Club Park, Avoca VIC Picnics and playgrounds are a great way to spend the afternoon...
Posted 19/05/2019 in Things to do
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20 amazing places for kids to explore in the Victorian Goldfields

Black Hill Reserve, Ballarat VIC ...
Posted 18/05/2019 in Things to do
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Gold rush poem, 1851. The Rhyme of the Melbourne Mania

This interesting 1851 poem...
Posted 06/05/2019 in Gold
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Tiddles the duck and his Goldfields adventures

Tiddles checking out the Porcupine Flat Gold Dredge ...
Posted 28/04/2019 in Adventure
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Diaries and memoirs from the Victorian gold rush

Diaries and memoirs are an extremely valuable source of information about life in Victoria during the 19th century gold rush. These first hand accounts, written by people living and wo...
Posted 26/04/2019 in History
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The moral state of the diggings during the Victorian gold rush

Diggers. Image source: Notes of a gold digge...
Posted 25/04/2019 in History
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The wizard miners of the 16th century, De Re Metallica

Divining for veins. De Re Metallica Book II, Georgius Agricola, 1556. ...
Posted 25/04/2019 in History
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Jokes about gold, prospecting and mining

Having a good sense of humour is a handy asset for those interested in gold prospecting. Yea...
Posted 23/04/2019 in Gold
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The dark side of the Victorian Goldfields

Young man holding smoking shotgun at the throat of his uncle, who lay in his bed beside his wife. Richard Egan Lee, Ap...
Posted 22/04/2019 in History
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