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Carman's Tunnel

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Parkins Reef Rd, Maldon VIC 3463


  • Guided underground mine tour
  • Tour by candlelight
  • See the original features and techniques of 1880's gold mining
  • Historic mine
  • Information signs and displays
  • Picnic tables
  • Toilets
Around 1882 the Great International Quartz Mining Company commenced work in Carman's Tunnel, in an attempt to drive a tunnel straight through Mt Tarrangower and intersect rich reefs which had been previously mined from shafts on the mountain.

After processing only about 600 metres, work at Carman's Tunnel was abandoned at the end of 1884 after a mere two years of operation. While no gold bearing rock was cut, this tunnel is an excellent example of 1880's mining techniques.

Opened to the public in 1964, you can now book guided, candlelit tours of Carman's Tunnel and explore the unaltered features and techniques of 1880's gold mining. The tour operators are very knowledgeable and passionate about the history of the mine and the local area. 

Carman's Tunnel is a more authentic mine tour than Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and Central Deborah in Bendigo as the features and equipment inside the tunnel have not been arranged or mocked up for the tour, they actually remain in the tunnel from the late 1800s when the mine was operating.

The 570m long tunnel is dry, clean, spacious, level, easily accessible by all ages and wheelchair friendly.

Alongside the mine entrance you will find a fascinating collection of information boards, maps and mineral displays. There's also a large collection of mining machinery, several picnic tables and a toilet block.

Adults: $7.50
Children: $2.50
Prices correct May 2017.

For bookings/information:

Phone: 03 5475 2656



  • There are several places in the Goldfields where you can take guided tours of underground gold mines - Central Deborah in Bendigo, Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, and Carman's Tunnel in Maldon.


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