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Chicks with Picks Australia

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Online shop, based in Maryborough VIC 3465


  • Gold detecting gear for women
  • Hoodies
  • Rain jackets
  • T-shirts
  • Singlets
  • Gear bags
  • Boot Protectors
  • Many more items available!
  • Men's wear line, "Mates with Picks"
  • Locally embroidered designs
  • Online Facebook community
Phone: 0472 698 321

Chicks with Picks Australia is a fantastic new clothing label created specifically for women with gold fever! Based right here in the Victorian Goldfields, Chicks with Picks offer a wide range of items including hoodies, rain jackets, t-shirts, singlets, gear bags, boot protectors, masks, and more. If you're looking for comfortable, quality detecting wear designed just for women then head over to the  Chicks with Picks Australia Facebook page, hit the like button, and check out all the great gear they've got to offer! 

Owner Jen is a local prospector with a heart of gold. After finding a nugget on her first ever detecting trip to Maryborough, she fell in love with the bush and the local area - she caught a serious case of gold fever! Looking for a new start, Jen moved to the goldfields from Melbourne and never looked back! 

Gold prospecting is a huge part of the living heritage here in the Victorian Goldfields. When the 19th century gold rush saw the entire state turned upside down with gold fever, people from all walks of life were able to strike it rich with nothing more than a bit of hard work and determination out in the bush. With exciting gold nugget discoveries still regularly hitting the news today, the hunt for gold has stayed strong in the Victorian Goldfields for almost 170 years! In her own search for gold, Jen has discovered a sense of freedom and purpose, and her passion for prospecting grows stronger every day.

Jen spent several years looking for women's gold prospecting gear, but in such a seemingly male-dominated hobby she simply could not find any. She decided to design a few for herself, and the response from friends inspired her to bring Chicks with Picks Australia to life! The Facebook page immediately took off, and the response from like-minded women was overwhelming!

Chicks with Picks Australia is much more than an online shop, it's also a welcoming community where women can share their passion for gold prospecting and meet others with the same interests. The Facebook page is filled with women sharing their gold discoveries along with glowing reviews of the Chicks with Picks Australia prospecting gear! For any women who are interested in gold prospecting and connecting with others, Chicks with Picks Australia is definitely the place for you!

Check out the entire product range at the Chicks with Picks Australia online shop!



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Great Quality gear, fast delivery and Jen is a wonderful person with a big heart .!