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Goldfields TIPS

Historical Goldfields Maps

We have assembled a huge collection of historical gold maps for the Victorian and New South Wales Goldfields. All are free to view online, just click the link on our home page.

Discover Lone Graves

Lone graves are a fascinating feature of the Victorian Goldfields, and along with the region's historical cemeteries they provide an interesting glimpse into the past. Some lone graves exist because the burial predated the establishment of a local cemetery, others are left behind after cemetery relocation, others simply lie outside the boundary of nearby cemeteries.

Spectacular Rocky Outcrops

The Victorian Goldfields has lots of stunning rocky outcrops to explore. Notable examples throughout the region include the popular Melville Caves, Mount Korong, Rock of Ages, Dog Rocks, Sisters Rocks, and The Cascades. 

Welcome Stranger

The Welcome Stranger is the largest alluvial gold nugget discovered in the world (so far), unearthed at Moliagul in 1869. Today you can take an interesting Discovery Walk around the area where the Welcome Stranger was found. The site features a picnic area, information signs and a monument commemorating the incredible find.

Visit Vaughan

Vaughan is a beautiful town in the Mount Alexander Shire featuring attractions such as Vaughan Springs, nearby Glenluce Springs, and a fascinating Chinese Pioneer Cemetery. Children will love the giant hillside slide and seasonal paddling pool at Vaughan Springs.

Waterfalls in the Goldfields

There are several beautiful waterfalls throughout the Victorian Goldfields to explore, if you know where to look! Check out the Waterfalls category in advanced search to find them all.

Hire a gold detector

Hire a detector and try your luck prospecting for gold in the bushland of the Goldfields! You can hire detectors from Coiltek Gold Centre in Maryborough, Gold Ballarat in Ballarat, and Gold Finger Historic Tours and Prospecting Workshops in Bendigo. 

Benefits of bushwalking

Bushwalking through the goldfields is a fantastic way to get outside, explore the natural world, discover gold rush relics from as early as the 1850's, encounter native animals and birds, and maintain your fitness levels.

Explore historic cemeteries

Many cemeteries within the Goldfields were established in the 1850's, when the discovery of gold attracted an enormous rush of people to the area. A walk through one of these historic cemeteries can be quite captivating and educational, as they are filled with headstones and monuments from over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Beware of mine shafts

There are hundreds of old mine shafts scattered throughout the bushland of the Goldfields. Some have been covered with steel grates for safety, but many are still open. When venturing off the track into the bush, always be wary of these dangerous mine shafts.