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Walhalla's Long Tunnel Mines Video References

Posted 10/10/2023 in History
Underground footage filmed at the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine, Walhalla.

Geological Survey of Victoria catalogue
  • Plan showing lease boundary between Long Tunnel Gold Mining Company and Lon Tunnel Extended Company workings, Walhalla. 1885
  • Workings, Walhalla. Composite level and company lease plan. Herman, H. 1901
  • Long Tunnel and Long Tunnel Extended mine workings, Walhalla. Composite level plan. Baragwanath, W. 1918
  • Long Tunnel, Long Tunnel Extended, and North West Blind Shaft mine workings, Walhalla. 1913
  • Long Tunnel Extended Company mine workings, Walhalla. Transverse section showing geology at mine levels to 1880 feet. 
  • Underground Survey of Mines, Walhalla. Long Tunnel and Long Tunnel Extended Mine. Longitudinal Vertical Projection of Cohens Line of reef and dyke, showing values of lode. Baragwanath, W. 1914
  • Long Tunnel and Long Tunnel Extended Mine area, Walhalla. Transverse sections, showing geology at mine levels. 
  • Central Deborah Mine, Bendigo. Transverse section to No 17 level at 1348 feet, showing geology. Caldwell, J.J. & Chambers, A. F., 1952.
  • Walhalla; miners descending the incline shaft of Long Tunnel Gold Mine. 1906
  • Long Tunnel and Long Tunnel Extended Mine. Plan and Longitudinal vertical Projections of mine workings. Baragwanath, W. 1918
National Library of Australia
  • Sending ponies underground, BHP Co., Broken Hill, NSW approximately 1890
  • Man crouching down in a mine shaft, Long Tunnel Extended Mine, Walhalla, Victoria, 1906
  • Horse-drawn quartz wagons with men and horses at Long Tunnel Extended Mine, Walhalla, Victoria, ca. 1890
  • Long Tunnel Mine and buildings, Walhalla, Victoria, ca. 1890
  • Long Tunnel Mine buildings, banks and shops, looking west, Walhalla, Victoria, ca. 1900
  • Long Tunnel Mine buildings, Walhalla, Victoria, ca. 1890 [picture].
State Library Victoria
  • Miners in shuttle ready to go down into gold mine, Walhalla, Victoria. [circa 1904-ca. 1918]
  • Long Tunnel Extended Mine, Walhalla. ca. 1904-1918
  • Long Tunnel Extended Battery, W. H. Lee. ca. 1908
  • View in underground mining shaft showing a group of miners with pneumatic drills. 1903
  • Long Tunnel Extended, Stopes 1800' level. ca. 1890-1910
  • Elevated view of the Long Tunnel Extended mine battery house and the Presbyterian church, Walhalla. Between 1905 and 1910
  • Quartz outcrop, Long Tunnel, Walhalla, ca. 1908
  • The Walhalla Co's battery, ca. 1866-85
  • Black Hill Battery, Ballarat, ca. 1900
  • Battery House, Star of the East, Ballarat. J. H. Harvey. Between 1875 and 1938
  • Two large furnaces with pressure valves and gauges, unidentified man with shovel standing in front of them. ca. 1900-1914
  • Sketches in the Garden Gully United Mine, Sandhurst. Alfred Martin Ebsworth. 1882
  •  View near Cornish Company's battery, Daylesford.
  • Plan Walhalla to Toombon
  • Plan of Walhalla and the surrounding mines
  • Geological and topographical plan of Walhalla gold field and surrounding country
State Library Queensland
  • Miners drilling underground in Mount Isa. Ca. 1954
Walhalla Heritage and Development League
  • Lowering a horse down a shaft
National Gallery Victoria
  • Miners coming off work, Long Tunnel Extended
Elaine and Len Appleton
  • Footage of Jack Cocks operating the Maldon state gold battery and Wilfley table
Maldon Vintage Machinery and Museum
  • Footage, plans, work records, and glass plate negatives - Thompsons collection
Sovereign Hill, Ballarat
  • Cornish boilers and cornish pump filmed at Sovereign Hill
Central Deborah, Bendigo
  • Winding engine, cables and headframe filmed at Central Deborah




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