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Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations

Posted 01/10/2018 in Things to do

J-Ward, Asylum for the Criminally Insane, Ararat VIC. Image source: Lantern Ghost Tours

Ghost tours are a great way to learn about the sometimes dark gruesome history of the Victorian Goldfields. You can learn about the terrifying conditions at the Aradale Lunatic Asylum, take a guided stroll through Ballarat's Old Cemetery and the town's forgotten underground, walk the halls of 19th century gaols and learn about some of the particularly terrible inmates and incidents. You can even become a paranormal investigator for the evening using state of the art technology and techniques. 

Experience tours run by historians, paranormal investigators, mediums, and theatrical performers - every tour is unique!

The following list of ghost tours will give you a night you'll never forget, so grab a friend and head out for an evening of gruesome history, tales and terrors! 


J Ward Asylum for the Criminally Insane, Ararat VIC. Image source: Lantern Ghost Tours

Ararat is a fantastic place to start your ghostly adventures. Boasting both the infamous Aradale Lunatic Asylum and the J Ward Gaol/Asylum for the Criminally Insane, a range of ghost tours and experiences are available in this grand old gold rush town.
  • Aradale Asylum - Ghost Tour and Paranormal Investigation Tours. Bookings at Eerie Tours
  • J Ward Asylum for the Criminally Insane - Ghost Tour and Overnight Paranormal Investigation. Bookings at Lantern Ghost Tours.


Old Cemetery, Ballarat VIC. Image source: Eerie Tours

Ballarat was once a booming gold town and is filled with grand architecture and an action-packed history. Tours take you through the cemetery and the streets of Ballarat, offering a glimpse into part of the town's forgotten underground.



Join the team at Twisted History for a night discovering the spine-tingling stories of Bendigo's haunted past!


Convent Gallery, Daylesford VIC. Image source: Convent Gallery

The Convent Gallery in Daylesford is a beautiful and fascinating building with a history dating all the way back to the gold rush, beginnings its life as the extravagent home to the Gold Commissioner then home to the nuns and also a boarding school. Many of the convent's former residents are said to roam the halls to this day. This tour gives you an unforgettable ghostly experience - keep an eye on your camera, as strange things happen in these halls - your photographs can inexplicably disappear from your device.
Steiglitz Court House, Steiglitz VIC

Embark on a paranormal investigation of the fascinating ghost town of Steiglitz, a gorgeous old mining town set beneath the Brisbane Ranges. 

Have you been on any of these ghost tours? Let us know how it went in the comments below!




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