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Coronation Park

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48 Park Road, Maryborough VIC 3465

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  • Playground
  • Free electric BBQs
  • Undercover picnic areas
  • Toilets
  • Rubbish bins
Coronation Park (Lions Wayside Park) in Maryborough is a beautiful stretch of lawn alongside Park Road. The park features an excellent playground and two great undercover picnic and barbecue areas.

Picnics at Coronation Park

One of the barbecue areas has a roof and concrete floor, two picnic tables an electric barbecue and a stone half-wall with picnic table built in on one side.

The other barbecue area also has a free electric barbecue, roof and concrete floor but is more fully enclosed with stone half-walls and built in picnic table.

Both barbecue areas have rubbish bins beside them, and the playground and toilet block are located between them.

Playground at Coronation Park

The playground is well equipped with a flying fox, big swing, regular swings, a springer and a play frame with a slide/spiral structure. The playground also features an amazing red goldfields fire truck, complete with steering wheel.


  • There are so many excellent playgrounds tucked away in little-known places. Take a look through this great list of playgrounds throughout the Victorian Goldfields.
  • There are hundreds of fantastic barbecue areas throughout the Victorian Goldfields. Some are in parks/playgrounds, others are scattered throughout the bush. Many barbecue areas are located alongside amazing attractions and walks, so go out for a barbecue and get exploring!


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