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Joyces Creek Cemetery

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Rodborough Road, Joyces Creek VIC 3364

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  • Historic cemetery
The Joyces Creek Public Cemetery was opened in 1854 and is separated into two sections. 

Modern graves are located along the fence line at the front of the cemetery and historic graves are located in a cluster up the back.

Notable graves

There are several notable graves in the historic section up the back of the Joyces Creek Cemetery. 

One is the grave of Helen Joyce, wife of George Joyce. The Joyce brothers were some of the area's earliest settlers, having taken on Plaistow on Joyces Creek in the 1840s. 

There are several interesting graves in the historic section with plaques which have been added recently. 

For example, the head stone of Edward Henry Butler says:


Son of William & Jane Butler

B. 1803 London England

Sent to Sydney NSW 1820-1827 as Edward Butler alias Smith Boy convict on Neptune 3 aged 17, then to Norfolk Island 1830-1837

Arrived Melbourne about 1840

D. Joyces Creek 1882 having helped pioneer Victoria

These added details on some of the stones make this a very interesting little cemetery to wander through.


  • Many cemeteries in the goldfields were established in the early-mid 19th century. Walking through the historic cemeteries of the area is like taking a walk through time.


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