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Baringhup Riverside Park

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Mitchell Street, Baringhup VIC 3463

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  • Picnic tables
  • Grassy area
  • Good spot for a picnic blanket
This peaceful riverside park is a small grassy area between Mitchell Street and the Loddon River in the quiet town of Baringhup. The park features several picnic tables, seats and a stone fire pit.

The park is across the river from the Loddon House Holiday Park and down the road from the beginning of the scenic Loddon River Weir Walking Track.

Visitor facilities at the Baringhup Riverside Park

This grassy park features several picnic tables set alongside the river, each providing a peaceful riverside spot for a family picnic. There are also several bench seats, as well as a stone fire pit.

More information

The following text is displayed on an information sign at the Baringhup Riverside Park:

Rivers are special places

Rivers are the life blood of the land, the place where the waters, and much more, come together.

Here is the home of wildlife, the links to indigenous culture, the route of explorers, the basis for agriculture, the source of our drinking water, the tourism drawcard and the place for recreation.

The river is a living system, constantly changing with the seasons. The river supports a rich variety of animals and plants that each have an important role in the food chain.

For more information, contact: North Central Catchment Management Authority
Telephone: (03) 5448 7124



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