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Bealiba Culvert Restoration Project

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Davies Street Bealiba VIC 3475

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  • Great spot for picnic blanket
This Culvert Restoration Project is an attractive restoration to a section of parkland along Davies Street in Bealiba. The project was designed to create a more natural ecosystem, remove pests and weeds, and create a healthier flow of water through the area.

The community of Bealiba have done a fantastic job with this project.

A well presented information sign at the site features photos of the work in progress. Another informative sign states the following:

Landcare Culvert Restoration Project.

This project was undertaken
  • To assist in the removal of weed and pest species, improving the overall environmental health of the area.
  • To create an enhanced, healthier flow of water through the culvert area, which eventually enters Cockrane's Creek.
  • To create a more natural ecosystem and encourage the return of native fauna by large area plantings of varied indigenous plants.
  • To increase community pride, knowledge and participation in the local environment revegetation works now and as investment in the future.
This project would not be possible without the support from
  • North Central Catchment Management Authority
  • Bealiba Primary School
  • Department of Primary Industry
  • Central Goldfields Shire Council
  • Department of Sustainability and Environment
  • Timor West Landcare Group
  • Conservation Volunteers Australia and Community Volunteers



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