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Green Hill Lake Campground

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Green Hill Lake Road, Ararat VIC 3377

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  • Free camping (donations welcome)
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Free electric BBQs
  • Playground
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets and showers
  • Undercover areas
  • Climbing rocks and trees
  • Bushwalking
  • Dog friendly
Set up camp and enjoy a weekend of recreation and relaxation at Green Hill Lake, a fantastic free campground just minutes from Ararat. 

Featuring an amenities block, picnic tables, wood fire barbecues and rubbish bins, the campground is extremely well equipped and has plenty of space. 

Green Hill Lake is located 4km east of Ararat and is a popular destination for camping, fishing, boating, swimming, barbecues and bushwalking. 

A concrete walking/cycling track travels all the way to Ararat.

Free camping at Green Hill Lake

The large campground is set alongside the lake with views over the water, and is well equipped with visitor facilities. 

Picnic tables, fire pits, wood fire barbecues, and rubbish bins are scattered throughout the camping area. A large central toilet block offers free hot showers as well as power points.

Camping is free of charge, no bookings required, but please consider leaving a contribution in the donations box. 

Donations go towards the upgrades and maintenance of the excellent facilities at Green Hill Lake. Most campers leave a donation of $5 per night.

Large trees offer some shade for campers, and many of the trees are excellent for kids to climb. A large cluster of boulders alongside the camping area is also great for climbing kids - but watch out for snakes during summer.

A sheltered barbecue area and playground are located close to the campground. 


The playground is situated between the modern barbecue shelter and the campground. 

Children are protected from the sun by a large shelter which covers the entire playground. 

There is also a fitness station set on the grassy area alongside the playground. 


There are multiple undercover picnic areas along the shore of Green Hill Lake, the most notable of which is a modern barbecue shelter alongside the playground. 

The shelter features two gas barbecues set in a single bench, with plenty of space to set up your own camp tables and chairs on the concrete beneath the shelter. 

Boating at Green Hill Lake

Boating is permitted at Green Hill Lake. The boat ramp is accessible from the parking area between the playground and the campground.

Fishing at Green Hill Lake

Fishing is a popular pastime at Green Hill Lake, where you can catch trout and redfin.

Accessing Green Hill Lake

Green Hill Lake is located 4km east of Ararat along the Western Highway.

When you first enter the Green Hill Lake recreation area the lake lies directly ahead with some basic undercover areas and picnic tables.

Follow the road around to the right and you will come up to a large gravel parking area with a playground, barbecue area and boat ramp. 

Keep following the road and you will come to the fantastic Green Hill Lake Campground. 

Are dogs allowed at Green Hill Lake?

Dogs are permitted but must be kept on a leash.


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Paul Olver
The Council need to open the lake for campers asap as per Government laws at the moment. Certainly open it for self contained campers and vans as the do not need to use the facilitys at the lake