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Three Bridges

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Back Eddington Road, Eddington VIC 3472

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Three Bridges is a picturesque crossing of the Loddon River in Eddington, Victoria, named because the gravel road winds its way over the water across three bridges.

An arrangement of the rocks beside the main bridge forms a stunning multi-level pool and spa, turning this crossing into a gorgeous, tranquil retreat along the Loddon. A second, smaller rock pool has been created alongside the neighboring bridge. Someone has put a great deal of effort into constructing these beautiful pools. When visiting, please ensure that none of these carefully laid stones are disturbed.

Across the bridge from the rushing rock pool and spa, the water runs smoother and there's a rope swing attached to a tree.

A large clearing serves as a parking area with room to pitch tents - although keep in mind that this is not a structured campground and there are no facilities present.

There are also plenty of rocks, trees and fallen logs for children to climb and explore.

Directions to Three Bridges
  • From the Bendigo-Maryborough Road in Eddington
  • Turn onto Eddington Road
  • Turn right onto Baringhup-Eddington Road
  • Turn right onto Back Eddington Road (gravel road)
  • Three Bridges is just a moments drive along Back Eddington Road


  • There are heaps of fantastic swimming spots throughout the Victorian Goldfields, including the Loddon River, Cairn Curran Reservoir, Laanecoorie, Turpins Falls, and many more!
  • Kids love to climb! There are plenty of places throughout the Goldfields with great trees, rocks, fallen logs and more for kids to climb up, around and over.


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Harry Payne
I cannot fin 3 bridges? Where is it?
Goldfields Guide
GPS is very useful in finding Three Bridges, as the roads are unsigned... Directions from Bendigo-Maryborough Road: Turn off Bendigo-Maryborough Road onto Forbes Road. Follow this straight through the next intersection, where it becomes Greenings Road. Continue straight until you come to a turn-off on the left, which is unsigned, but is named Back Eddington Road on the map. Take this left turn and follow it along as it makes its way down to the Loddon River (you should be able to see the line of trees along the river). Three Bridges is located where Back Eddington Road crosses over the Loddon. Hope this helps! :)
Harry Payne
Tried again today,,I will take a print-out next time :-)
Detecting Downunder
Love the page guys, keep up the great work.
Goldfields Guide
Melinda Ralph
We discovered this gorgeous spot today and had a swim, it was just beautiful. Unfortunately some idiots had left a lot of rubbish and even dug a hole and filled it with beer cans. We took away some of the rubbish but the cans are still there. It infuriates me that people have such a lack of respect for the environment and for others.
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