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Maryborough Soldiers' Memorial Plot

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Corner of Railway Street and Majorca Road, Maryborough VIC 3465

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  • Memorial signs and plaques
  • Shade
  • Nice grassy area
  • Picnic table
  • Rubbish bin
  • Hot food and drinks available nearby at Majorca Road General Store
In 1919 this small area of land was reserved as a memorial to the Maryborough and District soldiers who fought in World War 1. 

Once a substantial war memorial park, the plot was cleared of all structures and left as unkept parkland until it was restored as a Soldiers' Memorial Park by the Lions Club and rededicated in 2011.

Original Soldiers' Memorial Park

The plot was surrounded by a white fence with a gate way about midway between the railway line and the street. Above the gate was a large board with "Soldiers' Memorial Plot" painted on it. 

Trees were planted bearing the names of some of the lads who never came home. 

The small area was kept in order by Mr. James Blackburne esq, whose son, Carl, had been killed in France.

In 1939 Golden Poplar trees were planted in memory of Mr. Blackburne and Mr. John Watson, the plot's caretakers.

Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services were held here for many years. All services were then transferred to the current memorial site at McLandress Square in front of the Post Office.

Removal of the Soldiers' Memorial Park

The plot area was cleared of all remaining structures, the gateway, fencing, flagpole, and the solders' name signs on the trees. 

Also gone was the Krupp's made German 77 cm field cannon, No. 278, captured by the 46th Battalion in France. The cannon had guarded the plot for many years.

The area was unnamed and basically unkept parkland with nothing to depict its historical significance for future generations.

Restoration of the Soldiers' Memorial Park

In 2009, the Maryborough Lions Club resolved to restore the plot. With the help of many community minded people, the original gateway was reproduced, fencing restored and a flagpole erected. A seedling grown from the original Lone Pine in Gallipoli has been planted on the site. On remembrance Day, November 11th 2011, this Solders' Memorial Plot was re-dedicated to the men and women of our area who served in World War 1.



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