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Queens Park

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Ligar Street, Clunes VIC 3370

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  • Fenced playground
  • Undercover area
  • Free electric BBQ
  • Picnic tables
  • Water fountain
  • Information signs
  • Rubbish bins
The beautiful Queens Park in Clunes, Victoria is a shady, creekside park featuring a fenced playground, gorgeous water fountain, and undercover barbecue area.

The fenced playground has a safety gate and is shaded by the park's large trees in the late afternoon.

Queens Park makes a fantastic, child-friendly place for a picnic or barbecue. The park features a free electric barbecue beneath a shelter and several picnic tables. The picnic area is located right alongside the fenced playground.

A gravel path meanders among the trees through the park, taking you past a beautiful water fountain and several information signs.

The Clunes Bowling Club lies alongside Queens Park.

Information signs at Queens Park in Clunes provide the following text:

Queens Park and Fountain

Queens Park and Fountain were officially opened 1887. A 19th Century reclamation project, combining 'pleasure garden', bowling green and 'pinetum' the park formed part of a network of early provincial botanic gardens. The fountain, built in 1887, commemorates Queen Victoria's 50th Jubilee. Plantings were influenced by Ferdinand von Mueller, Government Botanist.

Government Bridge

"Government Bridge" is one of the earliest remaining public works in Clunes and was the first substantial link between north and south Clunes. The bridge originally had a laminated wooden arch to carry the traffic. In 1896 this was replaced by steel lattice girders supporting the decking whilst retaining the basalt abutments of 1862.

A new foundation stone was dedicated by the Mayoress Mrs. W. T. Pitcher on December 12th 1896.

Clunes Bowling Club

In 1878 a deputation was received by the Borough of Clunes seeking permission to occupy part of the Creek Reserve as a bowling green. The Bowling Club undertook to construct and maintain the green if the Council would fence the area. The photographs show the early Clubhouse during a special function. The involvement of ladies at this time was to provide refreshments, for which the men always proposed a hearty vote of thanks. 

It was not until October 1927 that the ladies were able to form their own Bowling Club. The present Clubhouse was built in 1965.


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