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Moolort School Site

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Corner of Pyrenees Highway and Locks Lane, Moolort VIC 3465

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  • Historic site
Site of the Moolort School No. 1383.

The Moolort School opened in 1870 and was closed in 1950.

Once a large gold mining town, Moolort is now an agricultural area. 

Most of the gold mines were closed by 1906, with the last of the equipment and property being sold off by 1916. The tailings were sold to the State Rivers Board for use as road base. 

Between 1905 and 1925 Moolort's population shrank quite quickly. A town that once had twenty-eight pubs and three post offices became little more than a village that could no longer even field a football team. 

In the next fifty years even the state school, general store and the last post office were closed (source).



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