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Mount Warrenheip Nature Conservation Reserve

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Mt Warrenheip Road, Dunnstown VIC 3352

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  • Nature Conservation Reserve
  • Several lookout points
  • Views over Kryal Castle
The Mount Warrenheip Nature Conservation Reserve is a forested inactive volcano located 10km from Ballarat, Victoria. Mount Warrenheip was named by the Aborigines of the district and means 'emu feathers'.

A bitumen road winds its way up around the mountain through beautiful scenery before opening up into a large gravel parking area at the top. 

Views are limited from the top of the mountain due to the trees surrounding the parking area, however there are several roadside parking spots on the way up which offer gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside.

The unique and impressive Kryal Castle is located at the foot of Mount Warrenheip. The road up the mountain takes you behind the castle and offers a fine view over the castle walls and turrets.

There is a steep drop off alongside the road - drive slowly due to pot holes and the possibility of encountering wallabies.

You can watch a fly by video of Mount Warrenheip, published on YouTube by Michael McBain, here.


  • There are many great places throughout the Goldfields that offer gorgeous, panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


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