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Schicer Gully Dam Gold Puddler

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Cemetery Track, Maryborough VIC 3465

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The remains of this gold puddling machine lie within the Craigie State Forest between Cemetery Track and Mosquito Road. The puddler is in good condition, with water pipe still present and a well defined hole in the centre mound where the pivot post once stood.

The following assessment of the Schicer Gully gold puddler was recorded in 1994 by David Bannear: (source

Site 82.1. Puddler (The puddler 's state of preservation suggests it operated during the twentieth century). Puddler. On the southern end of the dam's embankment is a well preserved 20 ft diameter puddler (inner mound pronounced and puddling trench deep with sheer sides). Fossickers have dug a small hole in the inner mound which has exposed part of the pivot post. Also traces of slabbing in the puddling trench and outlet channel. Most of the wash has been quarried.

The photos on this page were taken twenty four years after the above assessment, and while the condition of the gold puddler has deteriorated it is still an excellent example of its kind.

Gold puddlers are significant relics from the Victorian gold rush - gold prospecting is allowed in this area, however it is important that you do not disturb the puddler itself as it is a historical feature which must be preserved.

Gold diggings lie between the dam and Mosquito Road, be wary of mine shafts and uneven ground when walking through this area.

Also alongside the gold puddler is a 20th century Eucalyptus Distillery Site, the remains of which can be found between the dam and Cemetery Road.


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  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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