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Talbot Nature Conservation Reserve

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Moschetti Track, Lillicur VIC 3371

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The Talbot Nature Conservation Reserve is a quiet patch of bushland between Lillicur, Amherst and Talbot. There are many interesting historical features in and around this reserve including old gold diggings and the remains of gold puddling machines

The Moschetti Track Gold Puddler lies alongside Moschetti Track and Mia Mia Creek. 

Gold prospecting is allowed in the Talbot Nature Conservation Reserve, however it is important that you do not disturb any gold puddlers as they are important historical features which must be preserved.

Camping is not permitted within the Talbot Nature Conservation Reserve, but is available throughout the nearby Lillicur State Forest and at designated campgrounds in the Caralulup Nature Conservation Reserve. 


  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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