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Gold Escort Route Monument

  • Dsc 8798
  • Dsc 8799
Landrigan Road, Craigie VIC 3465
Near the Majorca Road intersection

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  • Historical monument
This stone monument commemorates a series of 19th century police escorts which transported several hundred thousand ounces of gold from Mt Alexander to Adelaide between March 1852 and December 1853. This is one of many such monuments along the historical gold escort route between Mt Alexander and Adelaide. 

The monument sits alongside Landrigan Road in Craigie, close to the Majorca Road intersection. The plaque displays the following text (note - the gold escort was between 1852-3, however this plaque displays 1862-83):


Along this track commissioner Alexander Tolmer led the first of eighteen police escorts, which under various commanders transported from Mt Alexander Victoria to Adelaide South Australia March 1862 to December 1883, 325,500 ounces of gold.

Another gold escort route monument is situated a short drive from here, across the road from the entrance to the Tullaroop Reservoir Picnic Ground

The State Library of South Australia provides this image of Alexander Tolmer, along with a description mentioning the man's history of brashness and brawling prior to becoming Police Commissioner. 

Alexander Tolmer. Source: State Library of South Australia

From the State Library of South Australia:

Alexander Tolmer, Commissioner of Police. Born in England of French refugee parents he migrated to South Australia in 1840 when he was 25. He had a history of brashness and brawling but was appointed Police Commissioner in 1852. He devised a gold escort from the Victorian Gold Fields. He was married twice and had 9 children. (Source)



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