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Anglican Church of St John

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56 Barkly Street, Dunolly VIC 3472

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  • Beautiful historic church
  • Golden Way information sign
The Anglican Church of St. John stands on a corner along Barkly Street and is a beautiful feature of Dunolly. The church was completed in 1869, and some of the building funds were provided by John Deason and Richard Oates - discoverers of the world-famous Welcome Stranger gold nugget.

Notable features of this church include a WW1 memorial stained glass window and a remarkable 1879 Fincham organ. 

Dunolly's first Anglican Church and school house stands alongside this church.

An interesting old bell is mounted above a Golden Way information sign. The sign displays historic image of the first church/school house along with the following text regarding both buildings:

St John's Anglican Church and School

This was Dunolly's first Anglican Church (opened in May 1858) and is the earliest surviving church in the district. Charles Dickers 1861 ambrotype view shows local children at play in the foreground. Note the paling fence and gate and the original fine scalloped Gothic barge board to the Church (now removed). Designed by Bendigo architects Vahland and Getzschmann   the second Anglican Church in freestone was built nearby. It was opened in 1869 and contains a rare 1879 Fincham pipe organ.

You can find lots of interesting images and information about the Anglican Church of St. John at the following links:



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