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Dunolly Court House, Lock Up, Police Station and Stables

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Corner of Market Street and Bull Street, Dunolly VIC 3472

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  • Historic buildings
  • Courthouse
  • Lockup
  • Police station
  • Police stables
  • Information signs
  • Artistic sculpture
The Dunolly Court House is a beautiful feature on the corner of Market and Bull Streets in Dunolly. The building is of brick construction with a gorgeous symmetrical facade, and stands alongside a fascinating collection of restored historic police buildings. 

A 1958 police station is the first building to the right of the court house. Behind the police station you will find the older 1863 lock up and police stables. These buildings were beautifully restored in 2014, and small plaques on each of them provide some historical information. 

A sign out the front of the court house displays a map of the town with a series of numbered stops, providing a self guided tour of Dunolly's beautiful buildings, parks and gardens. 

A colourful sculpture is on display beside the court house, created by celebrated Australian artist, Deborah Halpern.

Court House

The Victorian Heritage Database provides the following information regarding the court house:

The Dunolly Court House was built in the market square in 1862 as the Dunolly Municipal Chambers, to designs by Charles Toutcher of Maryborough. It was used for this purpose until deemed too small and subsequently moved to the court house building constructed in Broadway in 1884. The Municipal Chambers were then converted to a court house by the Public Works Department in 1890, this involving some internal alterations and external additions, which were carried out within the context of the original design. The building was used as a court house until 1981 when it was one of a large number of Victorian court houses which were closed. It has since been converted into a tourist information centre. (Source: VHD)

Police Station

The 1958 police station stands to the right of the court house, and has been beautifully restored. A small plaque on the front of the building displays the following text:

Built 1958
Restored 2014

This small building is an example of a typical 1950s standard rural area police station.

Lock Up

The three-cell lock up is behind the police station. It has a barred gate which you can look through to see the cell doors inside. A small plaque by the entrance displays the following text:

Built by GD Langridge in 1863
Restored 2014

The Lock Up was built as one of the police and court buildings on the government and legal precinct on Market Street. The Lock Up was used until the Dunolly Court closed in 1981. 

Police Stables

The police stables are located at the back behind all the other buildings. A plaque displays the following text:

Built by GD Langridge in 1863 for £349: Restore 2014

The stables were built as one of the police and court buildings on the government and legal precinct on Market Street. The stables were converted to a garage sometime before World War Two. 

More information at the Dunolly Museum

For more information about Dunolly's prosperous history, be sure to stop in at the Dunolly Museum.




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