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McManus Reserve

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McManus Road, Barkers Creek VIC 3451

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  • Scenic creek
  • Great spot for a picnic blanket
This peaceful little spot along Barkers Creek is beautiful during spring, with flowers growing along the banks. It's a nice place to bring a picnic blanket and have a creek-side lunch. 

Local revegetation projects have cleaned up and restored this section of the creek, saving it from a tangle of weeds. 

An information sign provides details of the extensive clean-up projects of the Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife Group.

When making your way down to the water, watch out for uneven ground and sudden holes. 

How to get to McManus Reserve

A gravel parking area sits alongside McManus Road, right by the turnoff from the Midland Highway, and the creek lies just a short way down the slope. 

Revegetation of McManus Reserve

The information sign alongside the parking area displays the following text:

McManus Reserve
McManus Rd, Barkers Creek

The Barkers Creek Landcare & Wildlife Group since 1996 have been working with local landholders to eradicate introduced weed species and restore the biodiversity of our natural environment. 

But where do you start when you can't even see Barkers Creek because of the almost impenetrable Cape Broom and Blackberry? 

Early members of our group, from the late 1990s, began to clean up this site and subsequently undertook an extensive revegetation program. 

In more recent years, we are extending our work northwards along the creek. 

There are many local stories of fishing in the creek and resident platypus, so our ultimate goal is to have our entire section of Barkers Creek restored to its former natural beauty and biodiversity. 



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