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Hood's Bakery

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Meredith-Steiglitz Road, Steiglitz VIC 3331

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  • In-ground well
  • Site of Hood's Bakery
  • Information sign
  • Part of the Steiglitz Town Walk
The site of the former Hood's Bakery can be found alongside Meredith-Steiglitz Road, on the inside of the bend between Clow Street and the Burchell Trail. 

A circular brick in-ground well with a metal grate covering the top is accompanied by a small informative plaque. 

Hood's Bakery operated from 1859, with Hood operating as baker, then manager, then owner.   

This is the first stop along the fascinating Steiglitz Town Walk, an easy half hour circuit filled with interesting ruins, relics and buildings of the gold rush era. 

The walk begins at the adjacent Steiglitz Court House and is an excellent way to explore this unique little town.

The small plaque standing before the well displays the following text:

Hood's Bakery

In 1859, David Hood was operating as a baker without a license on this land, which was then owned by R. Pilkington. 

By 1870, the Bakery was owned by W.R. Cooper with David remaining the manager. 

Then valued at 9 pounds, the bakery had a large oblong oven with a raised centre. 

Hood eventually became the owner of the bakery, which in 1873 was valued at 27 pounds. 

By the 1920's it was no longer in operation.




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