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Dementia Friendly Forest and Sensory Trail

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Katy Ryans Road, Canadian VIC 3350

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  • Dementia and sensory friendly walking trails
  • Peaceful areas for reflection and relaxation
  • Wetlands
  • Bushland
  • Grass trees
  • Seasonal wildflowers
  • Beautiful views
  • Information signs
  • Creative installations
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Dogs permitted on lead
Situated on the edge of the Woowookarung Regional Park, the Dementia Friendly Forest and Sensory Trail provides a gorgeous native sensory garden and sensory cue trail in a peaceful bushland setting. 

The trail is designed to evoke positive feelings, sensations and memories for people living with dementia. 

Visitors can see, smell, touch and hear nature through a series of short walks, sitting areas and viewing points along the way. 

Designed in collaboration with people living with dementia and their carers, this innovative trail is accessible for wheelchairs and carers, assistance dogs, and groups from residential aged care facilities. 

A large undercover map and information display stands alongside the parking area, from which a series of wide gravel pathways take you on a 'Welcome Wander'. 

All tracks which make up the Welcome Wander trail are wheelchair accessible. 

A further walk option is the 'Forest Trek' (not suitable for wheelchairs), which provides several more points of interest along the way. 

An informative display alongside the parking area provides the following text:

The Dementia Friendly Forest & Sensory Trail Design

The trail provides a safe, inclusive sensory experience for those people living with dementia, alongside their carers and families, to allow everyone to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of nature. We thank all those who have contributed and supported this experience. 

The design is from people living with dementia, alongside their carers and families, the health sector, community groups and traditional owners. 

The first of its kind in Australia

Parks Victoria recognises the importance of innovative and universal co-design principles and the need to engage the local community to create design.

The trail is co-funded by Parks Victoria in partnership with the community. Dementia Australia has been a strong advocate for the trail's development. 

Woowookarung is acknowledged as 'a place of plenty' as bestowed by Wadawurrung Traditional Owners. 

Walks at the Dementia Friendly Forest and Sensory Trail

The following details are provided on the informative display alongside the parking area.

WELCOME WANDER (all accessible)

450 metres
Wander up the main central pathway that connects all of the other side journeys or walks. 

There are four small, all accessible linked side journeys to explore along the Welcome Wander. 

Resting points along the way are spaced, providing a safe, inclusive, sensory experience. 

You are welcome to wander he trails and connect with nature. 

It is suitable for wheel chairs and walking aids. 

Wetland Walk
95 metres
Feel, see, hear, touch and smell. A short supported walk with resting places within easy distance. 

Stone Circle
190 metres 
A communal place to rest, sing, talk, play music with your friends, families and groups.

Bush Window
270 metres
You can wander further on the trail to view the forest framed by a canopy of trees. Why not put yourself in nature's window?

Wren's Rest
450 metres
Nearly there now. Wren's Rest is a special place to see and hear small birds. 

FOREST TREK (not suitable for wheelchairs)

650 metres
Stroll, Stretch, Meander and Observe

Wander a bit further for more of a forest adventure. If you linger longer you will discover the iconic Austral Grass-tree and other features of Woowookarung's healthy dry forest. 

Wallabies, lizards and a variety of birds inhabit this park. Walk with a keen eye and sense of adventure, you never know what you may see. This section of the trail is not suitable for wheelchairs and walking aids. 

Lounge Lizard
630 metres
Reclining seats provide the perfect spot to reflect and enjoy the forest environment. 

Cocoon Corner
900 metres
Wrap yourself in nature. It is a 'mindfulness' space where nature is your feel good place. 

Wallaby Walkback
1100 metres
Congratulations you made it.
This is the trek's end and the point of return. Enjoy, relax and watch quietly to maybe see a wallaby or two before you return. 


  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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