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Taradale Viaduct

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Metcalfe-Taradale Road, Taradale VIC 3447

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  • Impressive railway viaduct
  • Information signs
Taradale's magnificent bluestone and metal girder viaduct carries the railway line 120 feet above Back Creek, with five spans and a total length of over 250 metres. 

Visitors can stop by for a close look by parking alongside the adjacent Royal Oaks Park and walking the short track beneath the viaduct. 

Construction of the viaduct began in 1858 and was completed in 1862. Introduction of heavier locomotives and loads in the 20th century required the bridge to be strengthened, and the additional steel trestles were added between the original stone piers in the 1930s. 

A sign alongside the road beneath the viaduct displays the following text:


This viaduct was constructed by contractors, Cornish & Bruce, between 1858 & 1862. The rail service from Melbourne to Bendigo commenced on 20th October 1862. 

The structure stands 120 feet (36..6m) above back creek. It has five spans totalling 650 feet (198.3m) & a total length, including end buttresses, of 828 feet (251.6m). 

The chiselled bluestone buttresses & original columns surmounted the steel girders. The fine iron railings continue to form an impressive & elegent backdrop to the village. 

Construction cost was 230,000 pounds ($460,000). With the increase in rail traffic as the country developed & the heavier railway rolling stock, it was deemed necessary to strengthen the structure. In 1933-34 the fabricated steel columns were added. 

The viaduct carries two tracks & is still in frequent daily use for freight & passenger traffic. 



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