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Cameron Picnic Ground

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Cameron Drive, Mount Macedon VIC 3441

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  • Picnic tables
  • Wood fire barbecues
  • Walking track
  • Shade
  • Dogs not permitted
  • No camping
Cameron Picnic Ground is a peaceful and shady picnic area at Mount Macedon, featuring multiple picnic tables and wood fire barbecues spread across a grassy clearing. Located about 1.5 km before the top of the mountain, this picnic ground is one of several situated along this road. 

Dogs, firearms and camping are not permitted at the Cameron Picnic Ground. Parks Victoria advises that there may be European wasps in the area. 

This picnic ground is a nice quiet spot to stop on your way up to the Memorial Cross Reserve. 

Picnics at Cameron Picnic Ground

This peaceful picnic ground is set right alongside the road and has a decent sized gravel parking area. There are multiple picnic sites set throughout the grounds, ensuring there is plenty of space for several families to enjoy the area. 

Picnic tables are set out across the grassy area alongside the car park, and are accompanied by wood fire barbecue pits. 

Walks from Cameron Picnic Ground

There are two scenic walk options from the Cameron Picnic Ground:
  • Summit / Memorial Cross - 1.8 km
  • Camel's Hump - 2.7 km



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