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Railway Culvert

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Intersection of Centre Road and Bald Hills Road, Creswick VIC 3363

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  • Three culvert tunnels
  • Beautiful stone and brick work
This interesting culvert lies beneath the railway line alongside Bald Hills Road in Creswick, and consists of three beautiful brick-lined tunnels with bluestone edges on one end.

These tunnels allow water to flow beneath the railway line, as well as traffic passing through between Bald Hills Road and Railway Road. 

These culvert tunnels are just a few moments drive from Creswick, on the left hand side as you drive away from town along Bald Hills Road.

This is a neat place to stop by for a look if you have an interest in tunnels, brickwork, or stonework. 

This is also a great area for bushwalking, with a large pine forest and multiple gravel roads situated right alongside the culverts.



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