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Glenmona Bridge

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Pyrenees Highway, Bung Bong VIC 3465

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  • Historic bridge
  • Scenic creek
The gorgeous remains of the old Glenmona Bridge stand alongside the Pyrenees Highway, crossing the scenic Bet Bet Creek in Bung Bong. It's an impressive sight along the drive between Maryborough and Avoca.

Glenmona Bridge is a continuous wrought-iron lattice-girder deck-truss road bridge, set over three spans on bluestone-masonry abutments and piers. The timber deck of this bridge was destroyed by fire, but the stone abutments, piers and trusses are still intact.

Built in 1871, Glenmona Bridge replaced a notable 1857 timber bridge which was swept away in the 1870 floods. 

Glenmona is the name of a nearby early pastoral station and homestead on Bet Bet Creek. 

How to get to Glenmona Bridge

Glenmona Bridge is situated on the south side of the Pyrenees Highway, to your left if you're driving towards Avoca from Maryborough. 

There are spots to pull over on the side of the road to get a closer look at the bridge, but be wary of traffic along the road. 



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