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Maldon Pioneer Memorial

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Castlemaine-Maldon Road, Maldon VIC 3463

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  • Stone pioneer monument
  • Informative plaque
  • Memorial bench seat
This striking stone monument stands alongside the Castlemaine-Maldon Road, in tribute to the hard working pioneers of the district. 

The monument overlooks an area of scrubby bushland and is an interesting place to stop by while exploring the many nearby historical sights and natural features of Maldon.

Erected in 1926, the monument is constructed of rough stones and features a plaque on its front.

The plaque displays the following text:

This cairn is a tribute to the pioneers who first discovered gold near this spot in 1853, and is in honor also of all the men by whose enterprise and labor gold has been on in Maldon to the vavlue of £6,000,000. Dec. 1926.

A white bench seat sits alongside the pioneer monument, placed in memory of Win Horrigan, 1920-2008. A red memorial plaque is set in the back of the bench.



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