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Redesdale Iron Bridge

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Heathcote-Redesdale Road, Redesdale VIC 3444

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  • Historic bridge
This striking iron and timber bridge features a gorgeous design composed of lattice-girders, stone abutments, divided lanes and a timber deck. Built in the late 1860s, its unique design and scenic setting give this significant bridge its outstanding visual impact. 

The Redesdale Iron Bridge crosses the Campaspe River between Redesdale and Mia Mia, along the Heathcote-Redesdale Road. It was built along an old mail route between Heathcote and Kyneton.  

The bridge was installed in 1868 (although the bridge displays the date 1867), and is a unique wrought-iron lattice-girder through-truss bridge on stone abutments. 

It boasts a lengthy single span without the use of intermediate piers, and features a longitudinal-timber deck which was once common, but surviving examples are rare. 

Salvaged from the sea floor!

Along with its unique appearance, the Redesdale Iron Bridge also boasts a fascinating history! It shares a connection with the Hawthorn Bridge, an 1850s ship fire, and a parliamentary scandal!

In 1859 a cargo ship called the Herald of the Morning was docked in Hobsons Bay, carrying 350 tons of ironwork from England which was intended for the Hawthorn Bridge. It caught fire and was manoeuvred away to save the dock, then scuttled in the bay!

The ironwork was raised from the bottom of the bay by a Melbourne salvaging firm. After a scandal in Parliament regarding an arranged sale to the government, the ironwork was privately sold to Langlands & Co, a Melbourne foundry.

Two hundred tons of the ironwork was sold to the McIvor and Metcalfe shires for £1,000. From this, the Redesdale Iron Bridge was designed and constructed, although it was completed late and well over budget! 

Keep safe when visiting the Redesdale Iron Bridge

If you are going to go and take a look at the Redesdale Iron Bridge, there are spots to park alongside the road near the bridge.

Be very careful of oncoming traffic, as cars travel through here at high speed with limited visibility when approaching and crossing the bridge. 



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