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Dunolly Women's Historical Art Trail

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Trail begins at the front of the Dunolly Museum. 75 Broadway, Dunolly VIC 3472

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  • Augmented reality arts trail
  • Educational walk
  • Can be accessed using any modern smartphone or tablet
Bring your smartphone or tablet and take a step back in time along Dunolly's historical Broadway, discovering the stories of six remarkable women who lived in Dunolly during the gold rush! 

This innovative arts trail brings history and technology together to take you on a guided educational adventure through Dunolly's gorgeous heritage streetscape. 

Using augmented reality on your device, the trail leads you to key places around the town and shares remarkable tales of the women who lived or worked there. 

A series of brilliant digital artworks are incorporated into the adventure, memorialising these women and their stories! 

This trail has been developed by artist and author, Louise Cooper. The artworks were contributed by five female artists: Louise Cooper, Lauren Starr, Grace Cooper, Keira Long and Claire Clarke.

The Dunolly Women's Historical Art Trail begins at the front of the Dunolly Museum

Simply bring your device and head over to the rockabilby website to get started!



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