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Hamer Flora Reserve

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McClure Street, Maryborough VIC 3465

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The Hamer Flora Reserve in Maryborough is a peaceful patch of bushland in a quiet part of town, and makes a great spot for bushwalking, dog walking and birdwatching.  

Located off Gillies Street on the Tullaroop Road side of town, this reserve is marked by a couple of signs and is accessed via both dirt roads and basic walking tracks. 

Bushwalking at the Hamer Flora Reserve

There are numerous dirt roads and tracks travelling throughout this area of bushland which make excellent walking tracks. 

Please note that there is no official signed walking track, you will be walking on informal tracks and roads and choosing your own direction.

Historic water tower

This historic water tower is an interesting feature of the Hamer Flora Reserve. 

It can be accessed by car via a dirt track which travels in alongside the old railway crossing on Gillies Street. 

Four wheel drives may be required in wet conditions, otherwise it is a short walk if you park your car alongside Gillies Street.


  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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