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Visit Woods Point, Victoria

Posted 06/04/2024 in Places

The picturesque old gold mining town of Woods Point is an absolute treasure of a destination, tucked away in Victoria's remote High Country. 

Popular for trail bike riders, four wheel drive enthusiasts, cyclists, bushwalkers and history buffs, Woods Point is the perfect base for a weekend of adventure. 


  • Museum
  • Mini Golf
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Four wheel driving
  • Trail bike riding
  • Gold prospecting
  • Cycling
  • Bushwalking
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Explore local history
  • Sight seeing
  • A meal at the Commercial Hotel
  • Picnics and barbecues

The famous Woods Point historic petrol station

Woods Point Service Station

This iconic petrol station was built over a century ago, and is one of the most photographed fuel stations in Australia. 

This charming little building is located right in the heart of Woods Point, between the Commercial Hotel and the town's fascinating museum. 

The Woods Point Pictorial Museum 

Woods Point Museum

Take a step back in time and explore the regions history through a brilliant series of photographic displays. Woods Point's fascinating Pictorial Museum provides a glimpse into the daily life and work of the people who have lived here since the roaring gold rush days. 

Filled with artefacts, relics, and detailed models, this museum is an absolute must-see when visiting Woods Point. 

Woods Point camping

There are two main fantastic options for free camping at Woods Point - Jack Scott Reserve and the Comet Flat Campground. 

Jack Scott Reserve is located about 2km north west of Woods Point on the Mansfield Woods Point Road, and offers: 
  • Longdrop or composting toilets
  • Picnic tables
  • Wood barbecues - BYO firewood and check fire bans
  • Not-potable water may be available
  • Pets allowed
Comet Flat Campground is set on Coster Street in Woods Point and offers: 
  • Longdrop or composting toilets
  • Firepits
  • Wood barbecues - BYO firewood and check fire bans
  • Picnic tables
  • 4wd access with easy river crossings
  • Non-potable water may be available
  • Pets allowed

Picnics and barbecues at Woods Point

Hec and Nell Stewart Memorial Park, Woods Point VIC

There are several great options at Woods Point for picnics and barbecues. You will find undercover barbecue areas at the Hec and Nell Stewart Memorial Park and the Goulburn River Reserve. 

The Hec and Nell Stewart Memorial Park is set along the main road through town, and features a barbecue, water tank, picnic table and rubbish bin. The undercover area includes walls which act as a partial windbreak. An educational sign shares history and information about the town. 

Goulburn River Reserve, Woods Point VIC

The Goulburn River Reserve is set along the scenic river which meanders alongside the main road. This reserve features an undercover barbecue and picnic table, with a separate picnic table located close by. 

Beautiful handmade table along the Goulburn River

You will find other picnic tables set throughout the area, including this gorgeous handmade table which is set alongside the river beyond the Mini Golf course. 

Woods Point General Store

Drop by the Woods Point General Store and Post Office for all your essentials along your travels, as well as handy local maps, interesting books, and souvenirs. 

The General Store is located on the main road through town, just a short way down from the pub.

Woods Point Commercial Hotel

This historic home-style hotel is a fantastic accommodation option in Woods Point, with affordable rooms and pub meals available. 

This is a popular destination for trail bike riders and four wheel drive enthusiasts, providing a fantastic base for a weekend (or week) of adventure up in the mountains. 

The charming pub is filled with interesting artefacts, taxidermy and historic photos, setting a great atmosphere. 

Spend some time exploring the memorabilia and local history which is on display throughout the hotel, and head upstairs to enjoy the view over the town from the balcony. 

The Commercial Hotel, also known generally as the Woods Point Hotel or Woods Point Pub, is complete with an outdoor area called "The Miners Beer Garden" - a very appropriate name in the old mining town of Woods Point. 

Woods Point Accommodation

As well as the Woods Point Commercial Hotel, there are a few great options for accommodation at Woods Point through Airbnb

You can also check out the free campgrounds mentioned earlier in this article. 

Woods Point map

There are several great maps available to help you find your way through the area, explore historic sites, and more. 

Check out the Adventurer Maps website, or stop by the General Store at Woods Point, where you'll find a wide range of maps for the region. 

Mini Golf at Woods Point

Woods Point features a free-to-use 9 hole mini golf course, set alongside the gorgeous Goulburn River and decorated with interesting old mining machinery.

Winding drum and ore cart at the Woods Point Mini Golf Course

Enjoy a game with family and friends, and be sure to take a close look at the brilliant mining relics dotted across the course. 

Kids playground at Woods Point

This small but scenic play area is situated right alongside the Woods Point Museum, and features a swing set, raised platform and slide. 

A picnic table is set among the trees at the back. 

Bushwalking at Woods Point

There are some great bushwalking options at Woods Point. As well as the epic 220km MacMillans Walk and the even more epic 655km Australian Alps Walking Track, there are some fantastic short walks around Woods Point itself. 
  • River walk, 500m
  • Dustys Lookout 250m
  • Brewery Gully and water race, 3.2 km loop
These walking tracks at Woods Point are free for public use, but you can make a gold coin donation at the Commercial Hotel or General Store to help with the maintenance of these gorgeous walks. 

What is the history of Woods Point? 

Morning Star Mine, Woods Point VIC

Woods Point began way back in the mid 19th century as a general store run by Henry Wood. This store was built to service the gold diggings of the area, which were centered around the recently discovered Morning Star Reef.

The town was soon thriving and was a bustle of activity as more and more gold miners poured into the district. 

The population declined with a decline in the mining industry.

After devastating bushfires in 1939, much of the town had to be rebuilt. 

The famous Morning Star Mine - which recently ceased operation -  was one of the area's major producers. The nearby A1 Mine is still in operation today. 

What river runs through Woods Point? 

The upper Goulburn River

The Goulburn River runs right through the heart of Woods Point, providing a beautiful place to relax by the water. 

Is Woods Point in the High Country? 

Yes, Woods Point is a remote country town located in Victoria's High Country. 

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