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Best free campgrounds near Ballarat

The Ballarat region hosts a huge collection of fantastic free campgrounds! Whether you're looking for a summer lake-side camp, a peaceful bushland setting, or a scenic spot by the river, you're sure t...
Posted 20/01/2021 in Places
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Best free campgrounds near Bendigo

The Bendigo region hosts a huge collection of fantastic free campgrounds, with many of them located very close to town in the Greater Bendigo National Park and along the gorgeous Campaspe River. This ...
Posted 13/01/2021 in Places
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Best lake-side campgrounds in the Victorian Goldfields

Looking to escape the heat and discover your next summer camping destination? Check out the following list of great lake-side campgrounds in the Victorian Goldfields, where you can set up camp and set...
Posted 06/01/2021 in Places
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16 top swimming spots near Bendigo

Looking for awesome new swimming spots around Bendigo? We've got you covered! Discover all the nearby places where you can relax in pretty rock pools, swim beneath waterfalls, jump into reservoirs, an...
Posted 03/01/2021 in Places
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Campgrounds where you can swim in the Victorian Goldfields

One of the best ways to spend a weekend during summer is to pack your bags and head out on a lake or riverside camping trip! We've got some great campgrounds where you can swim throughout the Victoria...
Posted 12/12/2020 in Places
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Beautiful ruins of the Victorian Goldfields

There are some gorgeous ruins scattered throughout the bushland of the Victorian Goldfields, they are always fascinating to stumble upon. Throughout the region you will find a huge amount of these sit...
Posted 09/12/2020 in Places
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Beautiful Basalt of the Victorian Goldfields

Basalt is a volcanic rock which can fracture as it cools, forming spectacular hexagonal columns! There are some amazing places across the Victorian Goldfields which feature these stunning columns of r...
Posted 08/12/2020 in Places
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Spectacular landscapes in the Victorian Goldfields

There are some seriously unique landscapes tucked away in the Victorian Goldfields, ranging from wild rocky slopes to surreal colourful cliffs. We've gathered some of the best in the region, where the...
Posted 08/12/2020 in Places
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8 striking natural features in the Victorian Goldfields

While travelling across the Victorian Goldfields, sometimes you'll come across things that are truly remarkable. We've found all kinds of things let out in the bush by people, ranging from mostly-buri...
Posted 07/12/2020 in Places
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Six amazing adventures in the Victorian Goldfields

Looking for your next adventure? There are some seriously unbelievable places tucked away throughout the Victorian Goldfields! Some of these are tough to get to, some are a little dangerous, but all o...
Posted 31/05/2020 in Places
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Spectacular rocky outcrops of the Victorian Goldfields

Rocky peaks, massive boulders and beautiful scenery are stunning features of the many impressive outcrops across the Victorian Goldfields. Wander among these gigantic awe inspiring rocks, explore the ...
Posted 03/06/2019 in Places
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Gold-bearing creeks and rivers in Victoria

The following list of creeks and rivers are open for prospecting (or have sections open for prospecting) and are known to contain gold. Please note that this list is not complete and will be added to ...
Posted 21/03/2019 in Places
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10 fascinating things about Maldon, Victoria

Maldon is a beautiful place with a rich history and a story to tell. There are just so many interesting things to learn about this grand and gorgeous gold rush town.
Posted 11/03/2019 in Places
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Educational Locations in the Victorian Goldfields

There is so much opportunity for learning while exploring the Victorian Goldfields. This list compiles some of the region's best educational treasures, ranging from signed bushwalks to guided undergro...
Posted 07/03/2019 in Places
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Wallaby Mine Gold Battery

The Wallaby Mine Gold Battery site is a rare surviving example of its kind. It is amazing how much machinery has remained here over the years without being scavenged. Other significant remaining objec...
Posted 13/12/2018 in Places
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A virtual tour of the Victorian Goldfields

Interested in the historical treasures of the Victorian Goldfields? Check out these panoramic virtual views of various significant sites throughout the goldfields! Simply follow the links provided bel...
Posted 22/08/2018 in Places
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Best campgrounds in the Victorian Goldfields

Camping is a great way to explore the Victorian Goldfields. Many campgrounds are located close to interesting attractions and historic sites, and the Goldfields region is certainly not lacking in fasc...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Places
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Fascinating cemeteries of the Victorian Goldfields

Along with the gold rush in the 1850's came the inevitable establishment of cemeteries. Some cemeteries are still in use today, others have been long abandoned. Take a look through this list of the mo...
Posted 10/04/2018 in Places
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