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20 remarkable places in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 26/04/2021 in Places

Over the past few years we've visited over 600 places across the Victorian Goldfields, taking photos and sharing them on Goldfields Guide for others to explore. My favourite spot changes all the time, as it seems every few weeks I come across something even more remarkable! I have gathered some of these favourites together to make this list, and believe me, it was definitely hard to narrow down just twenty amazing places. Take a look, I hope a few of these will inspire your next adventure in the Victorian Goldfields!

Granite Falls, Lal Lal VIC

Granite Falls, Lal Lal VIC

Granite Falls is Ballarat's best kept secret, tucked away quietly between two better-known waterfalls and quite difficult to get to. Located twenty minutes out of Ballarat, if you're up for a slippery, prickly, scrambling adventure then this may be the spot for you. With a view like this at the end, I'd say it's well worth the effort. Oh, and did I mention that the rocky riverbed beneath the falls sparkles under the water? Look closely and you'll find the pyrite deposits glittering on the rocks. 

Lang's Lookout, Harcourt North VIC

View from Lang's Lookout, atop Mount Alexander in Harcourt North VIC

This spectacular lookout is situated on the eastern side of Mount Alexander, and offers unrivalled views across the sweeping fields of Sutton Grange. The lookout consists of a huge platform of granite, with massive boulders stacked impressively across the mountainside all around. This is just a small section of the gorgeous rocky outcrop which stretches across Mount Alexander!

Eureka Reef, Chewton VIC

Looking into the mine at Eureka Reef, Chewton VIC

Take a walk around the Eureka Reef Gold Mining Precinct and discover the fascinating ruins and features which remain from a century of gold mining operations! Once a busy mining village, today Eureka contains some of the oldest quartz mining relics in Victoria, as well as remnants of houses, batteries, alluvial mining, cyanide treatment, and more. 

The Granites, Borung VIC

Explore the stunning rocky landscape at The Granites, Borung VIC

Known locally as The Granites, Mount Egbert is a marvellous hidden gem within the Wychitella Nature Conservation Reserve. Located twenty minutes from Wedderburn, this small but stunning mountain rises strikingly above the surrounding bushland, covered in massive boulders and offering breathtaking views over the countryside below. There are so many extraordinary rock formations and caverns to be found as you explore the natural beauty of Mount Egbert. Make your way across the rocky slopes and scramble over the remarkable boulders, taking in the fresh views from new vantage points as you wander along. 

Colbrook Reservoir, Colbrook VIC

The scenic Colbrook Reservoir, Wombat State Forest, Colbrook VIC

One of the most beautiful lakes in the Victorian Goldfields, Colbrook Reservoir is an amazing place for bushwalking, swimming, bush camping, and photography. Featuring a stunning dam wall complete with seasonal waterfall, this place is a must-see when exploring the beauty of the Wombat State Forest.

Mount Korong, Glenalbyn VIC

Sunset over the beautiful Mount Korong, Glenalbyn VIC

Wander through Mount Korong's stunning landscape and explore the unique shapes and caverns of these gigantic hillside boulders. A short climb up any hillside is rewarded with incredible views down over the rocky landscape, which is particularly attractive when the grass is green during winter/spring. This spot is located between Inglewood and Wedderburn, and is sure to impress.

Herons Reef Gold Diggings, Fryerstown VIC

Remarkable stone c1867 miner's hut at Herons Reef, Fryerstown VIC

Part of the Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park, Herons Reef is an extraordinary site in Fryerstown filled with extensive ruins and remnants of the Victorian gold rush. The area showcases examples of many different methods and eras of gold mining, multiple stone ruins, blacksmith forges, and a remarkably intact Cornish miner's hut.

Pink Cliffs Geological Reserve, Heathcote VIC

Surreal landscape at the Pink Cliffs Geological Reserve, Heathcote VIC

The Pink Cliffs Geological Reserve is a surreal area on the edge of Heathcote. Once a hydraulic sluicing site, mining activity in the late 19th century washed away the top layer of earth and revealed the dramatic, colourful cliffs on display today. An easy walking track takes you on an educational circuit walk, showcasing the stunning geological features of the Pink Cliffs Geological Reserve as well as providing information signs and lookout points along the way. The walk is well signed and directs visitors to both a lower lookout and upper lookout over the stunning pink cliffs, which are located at the back of the reserve. 

Rocky Crossing, Goornong VIC

A great spot for swimming and camping at Rocky Crossing, Goornong VIC

Less than half an hour from Bendigo, Rocky Crossing is a picturesque spot on the Campaspe River where the water rushes through a shallow, rocky section creating swirling rapids and a few seasonal rockpools. A day visit parking area sits to the left of Rocky Crossing Road, and to the right is a free camping area which stretches along the bank of the river offering beautiful views over the water.

Red Knob Mining Landscape, Vaughan VIC

Striking views over the Red Knob Mining Landscape, Vaughan VIC

When driving through the gorgeous little town of Vaughan, you'll be sure to notice the stunning red landscape in the valley beside the road. Known as Red Knob, these dramatic cliffs are the result of hydraulic sluicing operations in the mid 20th century. You can get a great view over the valley from the roadside lookout.

The Cascades, Metcalfe VIC

Rockpools at The Cascades, Metcalfe VIC

This extraordinary hidden gem is tucked away in the quiet town of Metcalfe, Victoria, just 25 minutes from Castlemaine and 40 minutes from both Bendigo and Daylesford. A series of cascades sweep over layers of bedrock as the water whirls down through rockpools, crevices and little caverns. Relax in a rockpool, take a dip in one of the larger swimming holes, or make your way across the stunning bedrock and boulders to wander along and appreciate the scenic beauty of the Coliban River. 

Mount Alexander Silk Worm Farm Ruins, Harcourt North VIC

The picturesque Mount Alexander Silk Worm Farm Ruins, Harcourt North VIC

Nestled among exotic ornamental trees and surrounded by beautiful views, the ruins of a 19th century silk worm farm lie along the rocky south-eastern slopes of Mount Alexander. The gorgeous stone ruins are all that remain of the silk worm farm established here in 1872 by Mrs Bladen Neill and the Victorian Ladies Sericultural Company. The farm included a magnannerie for breeding worms, a leaf room, a cottage, residential quarters, a building used for educational purposes, and plantings of mulberry trees for the worms to eat. The remains of at least two structures remain at the site today. 

Mount Moliagul, Moliagul VIC

View from the slopes of Mount Moliagul, Moliagul VIC

The summit of Mt Moliagul offers spectacular views of the surrounding bushland and fields. Take a stroll along the rocky mountain slopes, where you'll find many great vantage points and plenty of stunning scenery. The best time to visit Mt Moliagul is from winter to early summer when the grass is green.

Morton's Welcome Inn, Waanyarra VIC

Fascinating remains of Morton's Welcome Inn, Waanyarra VIC

Head out to the Dunolly State Forest and take a look at the impressive remains of Morton's Welcome Inn, built by convict Michael Morton in the 1850s. The building was a home for Morton's family of eight, a provisions store, and a public bar frequented by local miners, licenced 1866-83. Morton's Welcome Inn is just one of many fascinating historic sites throughout the Waanyarra area, where you can spend a weekend exploring from the free campground nearby.

The Blowhole Gold Diversion Tunnel, Hepburn VIC

Waterfall at The Blowhole Gold Diversion Tunnel, Hepburn VIC

Known as The Blowhole, this diversion tunnel was built by miners in the 19th century to divert water from a section of Sailors Creek. This diversion cut off a loop where the remaining dry creek bed was then extensively worked for gold. The gold diversion tunnel has created a pretty little man-made waterfall with a shallow swimming hole beneath it. When the creek is flowing from winter to early summer, water rushes through the tunnel and falls into a small pool below before continuing down the scenic Sailors Creek. 

Blackwood Mineral Springs Reserve, Blackwood VIC

Explore the beautiful Blackwood Mineral Springs Reserve, Blackwood VIC

Blackwood Mineral Springs Reserve is a gorgeous park, picnic and play area which runs alongside the beautiful Lerderderg River. Sample some mineral water, take a walk across the foot bridge to enjoy views down the creek, or head off on one of the longer walking tracks. Be sure to keep an eye out for the resident Kookaburras!   

Porcupine Flat Gold Dredge and Dragline, Maldon VIC

Get an up close look at the historical Porcupine Flat Gold Dredge and Dragline, Maldon VIC

The Porcupine Flat gold dredge and dragline is a fascinating road-side relic just outside Maldon. Visitors can get a close look at these massive old mining machines, and a small picnic area with a table and fire pit makes this a great place to stop in for a picnic lunch. 

Mount Bealiba, Bealiba VIC

Looking out from atop Mount Bealiba, Bealiba VIC

Mount Bealiba is a scenic lookout which offers stunning views over the surrounding mountains, forests and fields. The summit is adorned with impressive boulders, fallen logs and gnarled trees, giving the place a wild and untamed atmosphere. This is a fantastic place for children to explore, with so many rocks and logs to clamber over. There is even a little cave beneath a cluster of boulders on the far side.

Jubilee Mine, Staffordshire Reef VIC

Explore the historical remains of the Jubilee Mine, Staffordshire Reef VIC

The extensive ruins of the Jubilee Company Quartz Gold Mine are a fascinating place to explore. This significant site is nestled away within the beautiful forest of the Jubilee Historic Area, just half an hour from Ballarat. A fantastic self-guided walk takes you around the site of the Jubilee Company Quartz Gold Mine. Features you will discover along the walk include battery foundations, engine beds, a water race, old mine shafts, surface workings, cyanide plant, tailings, old house sites and more. Illustrated signposts provide lots of information along the way.

Dog Rocks, Harcourt North VIC

Clamber along enormous boulders to discover the stunning views at Dog Rocks, Harcourt North VIC

Dog Rocks is a stunning granite outcrop within the Mount Alexander Regional Park which offers spectacular hillside views over Harcourt and the countryside beyond. Countless enormous boulders stand out strikingly from the western slopes of Mount Alexander, just a short walk from the parking area. Spend some time exploring and appreciate the beautiful views from many different vantage points.

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What are some of your favourite places in the Victorian Goldfields? Let us know in the comments below. 




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