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Rocky Crossing

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Rocky Crossing Road, Goornong VIC 3557

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Rocky Crossing is a picturesque spot on the Campaspe River, where the water rushes through a shallow, rocky section creating swirling rapids and a few seasonal rockpools.

A day visit parking area sits to the left of Rocky Crossing Road, and to the right is a free camping area which stretches along the bank of the river offering beautiful views over the water. No facilities are available here, campers must be self sufficient.

Rocky Crossing is shallow during summer and great for children to splash around among the rocks. Please note that the water in this section is fast moving and the rocky river bed makes it easy to loose footing and slip over. Supervise small children very closely. 

Over by the camping area the water is deeper and is accessed by a very steep bank - the camping area is a great spot for kayaks and capable swimmers.

Located just 27 minutes from Bendigo, this is a great local spot for a splash during summer!



  • Camping is a great way to explore the Victorian Goldfields. Many campgrounds are located close to interesting attractions and historic sites, and the Goldfields region is certainly not lacking in fascinating things to discover. 
  • There are heaps of fantastic swimming spots throughout the Victorian Goldfields, including the Loddon River, Cairn Curran Reservoir, Laanecoorie, Turpins Falls, and many more!


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