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Top swimming spots in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 08/01/2019 in Things to do

Looking for your new favourite place to take a dip this summer? 

There are plenty of fantastic swimming spots throughout the Victorian Goldfields! 

We have so many scenic creeks, rivers and reservoirs which are great for swimming, fishing, picnics and more. 

Check out some of Goldfields Guide's top picks for swimming in the area...

1. The Cascades, Metcalfe VIC

This extraordinary hidden gem is tucked away in the quiet town of Metcalfe, Victoria, just 25 minutes from Castlemaine and 40 minutes from both Bendigo and Daylesford.

A series of cascades sweep over layers of bedrock as the water whirls down through rock pools, crevices and little caverns. 

Relax in a rock pool, take a dip in one of the larger swimming holes, or make your way across the stunning bedrock and boulders to wander along and appreciate the scenic beauty of the Coliban River.

2. Calembeen Park, Creswick VIC

With its gorgeous twin lakes, sweeping displays of waterlilies, abundant bird life and plenty of fish, Creswick's Calembeen Park is a beautiful haven for relaxation and recreation.

A multi-level diving tower is a dominant feature along the water's edge. The swimming lake at Calembeen Park has a depth ranging from 1 - 30 metres with a sudden, steep drop - exercise caution when swimming and always supervise children. 

There is a safer, shallow section of the lake off to the side which is great for children.

3. Beaufort Lake, Beaufort VIC

Beaufort Lake is a fantastic reservoir for swimming, boating, walking and picnics. 

Bring a barbecue lunch and take a scenic walk around Beaufort Lake, enjoying the informative Koori Art Trail along the way.

4. Colbrook Reservoir, Colbrook VIC

One of the most beautiful lakes in the Victorian Goldfields, Colbrook Reservoir is an amazing place for bushwalking, swimming, bush camping, and photography. 

Featuring a stunning dam wall complete with seasonal waterfall, this place is a must-see when exploring the beauty of the Wombat State Forest. 

This spot is best accessed by four wheel drives or walkers.

5. Lake Eppalock, Eppalock VIC

Lake Eppalock is located just 25 minutes from Bendigo and is a popular destination for boating, water sport, fishing, swimming, bushwalking, barbecues and picnics. 

There are lots of fantastic visitor facilities at various locations around Lake Eppalock including multiple picnic areas with electric barbecues, public boat ramps, several public toilet blocks, and a kiosk. 

Camping facilities are provided in multiple caravan parks around Lake Eppalock.

Goldfields Guide lists heaps of great spots around Lake Eppalock for swimming, boating, fishing and barbecues - click here to discover them all.

6. Expedition Pass, Golden Point VIC

Expedition Pass is a scenic reservoir in Golden Point, just a few kilometres from Chewton and Castlemaine. 

This reservoir is fantastic for swimming, fishing, bushwalking, canoeing and birdwatching. 

There are no facilities on site, so bring along a picnic blanket and enjoy a swim and a peaceful picnic lunch by the water.

7. Vaughan Springs, Vaughan VIC

The spectacular park features a beautiful creek for swimming, several free electric barbecues, picnic tables, a gazebo, a giant hillside slide, mineral spring taps, a miniature railway, a few great trees for climbing, scenic walks, toilets and plenty of educational signs.

Click to discover more about Vaughan Springs in Vaughan VIC

8. The Blowhole Gold Diversion Tunnel, Hepburn VIC

The gold diversion tunnel has created a pretty little man-made waterfall with a shallow swimming hole beneath it. 

When the creek is flowing from winter - early summer, water rushes through the tunnel and falls into a small pool below before continuing down the scenic Sailors Creek.

9. Cairn Curran, Baringhup VIC

The Cairn Curran Reservoir is an enormous water catchment managed by Goulburn-Murray Water, located between Baringhup, Joyces Creek and Welshmans Reef. 

This is a fantastic spot for swimming, fishing, boating, picnics and barbecues.

10. Laanecoorie Reservoir, Laanecoorie VIC

Laanecoorie is a beautiful little town within the Loddon Shire, well known for the gorgeous Laanecoorie Reservoir and the fantastic picnic, camping and recreation facilities which surround it. 

Laanecoorie and the Loddon River are fantastic for swimming, boating and fishing!

11. Jubilee Lake, Daylesford VIC

Jubilee Lake in Daylesford, Victoria is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, birdwatching, bushwalking, and picnicking. 

The lake features excellent barbecue facilities, a playground, picnic tables, walking track, mineral spring tap, kiosk, cafe and toilets. 

Canoes and paddleboats are available to hire from the kiosk.

Jubilee Lake is stocked regularly with rainbow trout, making this an excellent family-friendly fishing spot. 

You can also enjoy a scenic 30 minute circuit walk around the lake, and be sure to stop and sample the water at the mineral spring tap.

12. Mount Cameron Gorge, Mt Cameron VIC

Mt Cameron-Cotswold Road, in Mount Cameron, drops unexpectedly into a deep gorge before crossing Tullaroop Creek. 

This beautiful little patch along the creek is a great spot for swimming and fishing. 

This area is great to bring kids swimming as the creek floor is covered with smooth stones and there's a fair stretch of shallow water before it starts to get deeper.

13. Bridgewater Swimming Hole, Bridgewater VIC

The scenic Bridgewater Swimming Hole has been a local favourite for generations! 

The spot now features a beautiful picnic and barbecue area which overlooks the water, and easy riverside walking tracks complete with viewing platforms.

14. St Georges Lake, Creswick VIC

St Georges Lake is a local favourite for swimming, walking and photography. 

Once a mining dam known as "Govvy Dam", the lake has been developed into a picturesque haven for relaxation and recreation.

15. Lake Burrumbeet, Burrumbeet VIC

Pack a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon at Lake Burrumbeet, a great place for swimming, fishing, boating, bushwalking and picnicking. 

There are several great swimming spots around the lake, the place in the picture above is the Lake Burrumbeet Foreshore Camping Area

Another great spot there to check out is Lake Burrumbeet Park.

16. Crusoe Reservoir, Bendigo VIC

Crusoe Reservoir is the best freshwater swimming spot within Bendigo itself, and is a local favourite for swimming, fishing, kayaking, bushwalking and photography. 

Surrounded by bushland views and scenic walking tracks, this is a beautiful spot for water recreation and relaxation.

17. Rocky Crossing, Goornong VIC

Less than half an hour from Bendigo, Rocky Crossing is a picturesque spot on the Campaspe River where the water rushes through a shallow, rocky section creating swirling rapids and a few seasonal rockpools. 

18. Englishs Bridge, Goornong VIC

Englishs Bridge Streamside Reserve is a great swimming and camping spot along the Campaspe River, just half an hour from Bendigo. 

Set up camp and take a dip alongside the bridge, bring the rods for an afternoon of fishing, or head off on a kayaking adventure down the scenic river.

19. Pykes Creek Reservoir, Myrniong VIC

Pykes Creek Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing, boating, swimming and picnics just half an hour from Ballarat, where multiple recreation areas are spread along the eastern shore of the reservoir.

20. Twin Bridges, Daylesford VIC

A set of stepping stones crosses this picturesque section of Sailors Creek, where visitors will find a great swimming hole, a beautiful rocky outcrop over the water, a tunnel through the rock, and plenty of shade. 

A beautiful spot for swimming, you'll find there are shallow areas for small children around the stepping stones and a deeper area over by the bend. 

Gold prospecting is also permitted in Sailors Creek.

What's your favourite swimming spot in the Victorian Goldfields? Let us know in the comments below!




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St Georges Lake, Creswick.