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Granite Falls

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Harris Road, Lal Lal VIC 3352. Accessed via the Moorabool Falls walking track.

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  • Stunning waterfall
  • Hidden gem
  • Tricky to access
  • Beware of steep slopes, sharp drops, slippery ground, and prickle bushes
Granite Falls is a spectacular waterfall along the Moorabool River, downstream from the better-known Moorabool Falls and not far from Lal Lal Falls which is accessed from the other side of the reserve. 

How to get to Granite Falls

Granite Falls is accessed via the Moorabool Falls walking track, beginning from the parking area on Harris Road. 

There is no signed track to Granite Falls. You will have to use the map on your phone to find it. 

Safety at Granite Falls

Viewing this waterfall is tricky as the walking track is little more than a narrow trail along a steep slope.

The way is obstructed in many places by water crossings, slippery ground, pot holes in the grass, and a thick tangle of blackberry bushes. 

Hikers must be wary of sudden drops and steep slopes. It is slippery and very prickly to get down to the base of the falls.

You can get a great view of this waterfall from the top of the gorge (see the last photo in the image gallery above).

  • Cliff edges, keep clear
  • Slippery rocks, take care
  • Children at risk, supervise always (not recommended to bring small children)
  • Beware, falling limbs
  • Beware, uneven ground
  • Beware, steep ascent
  • Beware, steep descent
  • Beware, fit walkers only
  • No climbing
  • No abseiling
  • No rapelling
  • No camping
  • No pets



  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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martin k
how about a decent map that you can print off, you can barely read this one.