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Mount Moliagul

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Mt Moliagul Road, Moliagul VIC 3472

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  • Spectacular views
  • Wildflowers during spring
  • Kangaroos
The summit of Mt Moliagul offers spectacular views of the surrounding bushland and fields. 

Take a stroll along the rocky mountain slopes, where you'll find many great vantage points and plenty of stunning scenery.

The best time to visit Mt Moliagul is from late autumn to early summer when the grass is green. Flowers decorate the landscape during spring.

View from Mount Moliagul

The lookout is a large clearing with a steep, grassy slope at one side which is littered with interesting rocks, logs and trees. This side offers fantastic, clear views of the countryside as far as the eye can see. 

A short way down the slope and around to the right you will find a flat clear area among the rocks, an amazing place to lay a blanket for a picnic with a view.

The other side of the lookout has a much sharper drop off at the edge and offers views of denser bushland, though the view is somewhat obscured in places by trees.

How to get up Mount Moliagul

The road to the summit is steep and covered with loose gravel. A 2wd vehicle will make it up in clear conditions, but a 4wd vehicle is recommended. 

To get to the summit, follow Mt Moliagul Road from the Wimmera Highway, this road will take you straight up to the top.

This is a great area for spotting kangaroos, so be careful while driving in case one jumps out unexpectedly.



  • Kids love to climb! There are plenty of places throughout the Goldfields with great trees, rocks, fallen logs and more for kids to climb up, around and over.
  • There are many great places throughout the Goldfields that offer gorgeous, panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


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