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Morton's Welcome Inn

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Mortons Lane, Waanyarra VIC 3551

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  • Historic building
  • Bushland
  • Close to campground/picnic area
Morton's Welcome Inn was built by convict Michael Morton in 1850 as a replica of his home in Ireland (source). The building was a home for Morton's family of eight, a provisions store and also a public bar for miners, licenced 1866-83. 

The impressive stone building is still standing in the bush not far from Dunolly and is definitely a must-see. Due to its age, the structure of the building is unstable - for your own safety, do not enter.

From the inn, if you follow Mortons Lane onto Waanyarra Cemetery Road you will come across a fantastic camping and picnic ground, the Waanyarra Recreation Site. Continue further along the road and you will find the fascinating Waanyarra Historic Cemetery.

Also see the FFM Forest Notes for the historic Waanyarra area, and you will find lots of fascinating information on Michael Morton over at

  • Bell's Cottage - This beautiful stone cottage lies on the outskirts of Tarnagulla. Built in 1937 by WW1 veteran Herbert Bell before he served in WW2, the cottage is an impressive testament to Bell's determination and hard work.
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