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Five amazing places to watch the sunset in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 07/10/2022 in Places

Looking for a scenic spot to relax and enjoy the sunset in the Victorian Goldfields? There are a few particularly beautiful spots that you've got to check out! Here are a few of my favourites...

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is a spectacular rocky outcrop atop Mount Moorul, overlooking the beautiful historic town of Maldon. Drive up to the top before sunset and spend a while exploring the incredible rocky mountainside, then pick a spot to sit and enjoy the view!

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Shepherds Flat Lookout, Mount Alexander

Take the short walk to Shepherd's Flat Lookout atop Mount Alexander and watch the sunset from the mountain's stunning western slopes. There are lots of great spots to sit and relax while you enjoy the view.

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Guildford Lookout

The panoramic lookout at Guildford is a fantastic place to enjoy a sunset view! Watch the sun go down over the striking Guildford Plateau, and be sure to check out the visible landmarks indicated on the direction board atop the lookout platform.

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Melville Caves

Spend the early evening exploring the intriguing Melville Caves in the Kooyoora State Park before heading to the lookout to watch the sun go down. 

As you enjoy the sunset, contemplate the area's fascinating history. These caves are named after notorious bushranger Captain Melville who used the caves as a hiding place and lookout in the mid 19th century!

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Mount Glasgow

This scenic lookout is situated in the heart of the Goldfields, with stunning views of the mountain ranges in the distance all around. 

This quiet hillside spot is a fantastic place to watch the sunset, and is reached by driving up Mount Glasgow Road in Mount Glasgow, near Talbot.

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