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Best campgrounds for hiking in the Victorian Goldfields

Posted 07/06/2021 in Places

Richards Campground, Raglan VIC

Spend a weekend exploring the natural and historical treasures on the Victorian Goldfields on foot, from mineral springs to mountain views and everything in between! 

I know I'm always on the lookout for free campgrounds near me, so I thought I'd put together this handy list. I've gathered together this collection of some of the region's best campgrounds for hiking, where you'll discover excellent visitor facilities and fantastic walking trails. 

Check them out below and start planning your next weekend adventure in the Victorian Goldfields.

Vaughan Springs, Vaughan VIC

Vaughan Springs, Vaughan VIC

Spend an weekend exploring at the beautiful Vaughan Springs, a scenic destination for swimming, bushwalking and picnics. Sample the mineral water and stroll along the Loddon River, all to the peaceful sound of birds singing in the trees. Walk to the nearby Central Springs and Glenluce Springs, or embark on a section of the renowned Goldfields Track, which passes through here. 

Find out more about Vaughan Springs.

Cork Oaks Campground, Mount Beckworth VIC

Cork Oaks Campground, Mount Beckworth VIC

Surrounded by rocky peaks, bushland and beautiful views, Cork Oaks is a fantastic free campground and picnic area in the Mount Beckworth Scenic Reserve. This is the perfect place to set up camp and explore the natural and historical features of Mount Beckworth. Several walking tracks from the campground take you to nearby attractions such as the summit of Mount Beckworth, a nearby mine site, a giant boulder, and the oval.

Find out more about Cork Oaks Campground.

Richards Campground, Raglan VIC

Richards Campground, Raglan VIC

Richards Campground is a fantastic free campsite in the Mt Cole State Forest. A large clearing surrounded by trees, ferns, and moss-lined logs, features excellent picnic facilities for visitors. Several excellent walks start out from Richards Campground, including the short Raglan Falls and Grevillea walks, and the 17 km Beeripmo Walk.

Find out more about Richards Campground

Leanganook Campground, Harcourt North VIC

Leanganook Campground, Harcourt North VIC

Set within the scenic Mount Alexander Regional Park, Leanganook Campground is a fantastic spot where multiple campsites are spread around the central picnic area. Facilities include picnic tables, wood fire barbecues, fire pits, toilets and water taps. Visitors can enjoy the Mount Alexander Regional Park through picnicking, bushwalking and birdwatching, and beautiful views can be appreciated from multiple nearby lookout points including Lang's LookoutDog Rocks and Shepherd's Flat. The stunning West Ridge Walking Track begins at Lang's Lookout and connects these lookouts in a four kilometre adventure across the mountain!

Find out more about Leanganook Campground

Ferntree Falls, Raglan VIC

Ferntree Falls, Raglan VIC

Ferntree Falls is a stunning waterfall nestled among the huge ferns and moss covered rocks within the spectacular Mount Buangor State Park. Experience the beauty of upper Middle Creek, a tributary which meanders through the park among the forest of tree ferns and water ferns. Just around the corner from the picnic area you will find five secluded campsites in a bushland setting, each with a picnic table, fire pit and wood fire barbecue. Bookings and payment must be made to camp here, you can book online with Parks Victoria. As well as the short walks to Ferntree Falls and the Waterfalls Nature walk, several longer walks set out from here, including the Beeripmo Walk, Mount Buangor Walk, and Mount Sugarloaf Circuit. 

Find out more about Ferntree Falls


Paddys Ranges State Park, Adelaide Lead VIC

Spend a weekend exploring the historical relics, scenic walks, and seasonal wildflower displays throughout the beautiful Paddys Ranges State Park. Encompassing Box-Ironbark forest is home to over 130 species of wildflower and over 140 native bird species, and there are several excellent walk options setting out from both the free camping area and the picnic ground. 

Melville Caves, Brenanah VIC

Melville Caves, Brenanah VIC

Melville Caves lie atop a spectacular rocky mountain within the Kooyoora State Park in Brenanah, Victoria. Featuring a scenic lookout, walking tracks and caves, Melville Caves are a fantastic place to spend the weekend exploring. The spacious campground features multiple separate campsites with picnic tables, fire pits with barbecue plates, and toilets. From the campground, you can set out on multiple scenic walks including Melville Caves, Long Rock Walking Track, McLeods Lookout and Southern Lookout. 

Find out more about Melville Caves

Friday's Campground, Steiglitz VIC

Friday's Campground, Steiglitz VIC

Friday's Campground is a great camp site for exploring the Brisbane Ranges National Park and the Steiglitz Historic Park. The campground is well structured with excellent amenities including picnic tables, wood fire barbecues, bench seating and toilets, and huge pine trees provide shade over the camp sites. There are several fantastic walks in the area, including the historic 8.5 km Steiglitz Circuit Walk and the Burchell Trail, a three day hike. Friday's Campground is managed by Parks Victoria and requires bookings/fees. 

Find out more about Friday's Campground

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