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Best swimming spots near Daylesford

Posted 27/12/2022 in Places

Looking for awesome new swimming spots near Daylesford? We've got you covered! Check out this big list of our favourite local places to swim, you're sure to find inspiration for your next summer day out!

Twin Bridges

  • Distance from Daylesford: 3 minutes
  • Location: Daylesford
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, picnics, gold prospecting
  • Facilities: Picnic tables, wood fire barbecues, walking track
A set of stepping stones crosses this picturesque section of Sailors Creek, where visitors will find a great swimming hole, a beautiful rocky outcrop over the water, a tunnel through the rock, and plenty of shade. 

Click for more info on Twin Bridges in Daylesford.

Tipperary Springs

  • Distance from Daylesford: 4 minutes
  • Location: Daylesford
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, picnics, gold prospecting
  • Facilities: Picnic tables, mineral spring tap, walking track, toilets
Tipperary Springs is a gorgeous creek-side picnic area and mineral spring, with multiple picnic tables and a mineral water pump set within a scenic bend of Sailors Creek. The creek is typically shallow here and makes a great place to sit and cool off or for children to have a play in the water.

Note - Tipperary Springs is currently closed due to flood damage - keep updated here

Click for more info on Tipperary Springs in Daylesford. 

Jubilee Lake

  • Distance from Daylesford: 6 minutes
  • Location: Daylesford
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, picnics, fishing, canoe/paddleboat hire
  • Facilities: Picnic tables, undercover barbecue areas, playground, mineral spring tap, walking track, toilets
Jubilee Lake is a popular destination for swimming, with several great spots around the shore to access the water. The beautiful setting of the lake along with the fantastic visitor facilities available here make Jubilee Lake one of the region's best spots to cool off during summer. 

Click for more info on Jubilee Lake in Daylesford. 

The Blowhole

  • Distance from Daylesford: 9 minutes
  • Location: Hepburn
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, gold prospecting
  • Facilities: Walking tracks, lookout platforms
Known as The Blowhole, this diversion tunnel was built by miners in the 19th century to divert water from a section of Sailors Creek. This diversion cut off a loop where the remaining dry creek bed was then extensively worked for gold. The gold diversion tunnel has created a pretty little man-made waterfall with a shallow swimming hole beneath it. 

Note - The swimming hole here is currently closed due to flood damage - keep updated here

Click for more info on The Blowhole in Hepburn

Glenlyon Community Dam

  • Distance from Daylesford: 11 minutes
  • Location: Glenlyon
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, fishing
  • Facilities: None
This scenic little dam in Glenlyon is a great place for swimming, walking, fishing, birdwatching and photography. Visitors can take the short walk around the waters edge and keep an eye out for resident water birds among the reeds, or lay a picnic blanket on the grass for a peaceful lake-side lunch. 

Click for more info on Glenlyon Community Dam in Glenlyon

Franklinford Streamside Reserve 

  • Distance from Daylesford: 14 minutes
  • Location: Franklinford
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing
  • Facilities: None
This peaceful Streamside Reserve is located within a hairpin bend of the Jim Crow Creek in Franklinford, Victoria. A large clearing sits within the creek's bend which offers plenty of room for picnics. This section of the river has shallow parts as well as a deeper swimming hole on the bend. 

Click for more info on the Franklinford Streamside Reserve in Franklinford.

Loddon Falls 

  • Distance from Daylesford: 15 minutes
  • Location: Glenlyon
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, photography
  • Facilities: None
The gorgeous Loddon Falls drops dramatically over a wall of huge hexagonal basalt columns into a waterhole below, before continuing on through the spectacular rocky gorge. The waterhole beneath Loddon Falls is a beautiful spot for swimming, surrounded by dramatic scenery and complemented by the sound of rushing water.

Click for more info on Loddon Falls in Glenlyon. 

Vaughan Springs 

  • Distance from Daylesford: 25 minutes
  • Location: Vaughan
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, fishing, photography
  • Facilities: Barbecues, picnic tables, giant hillside slide, toilets, walking tracks, mineral spring taps

Spend an afternoon of relaxation at the beautiful Vaughan Springs, a scenic destination for swimming, bushwalking and picnics. Sample the mineral water and stroll along the Loddon River, all to the peaceful sound of birds singing in the trees. 

Click for more info on Vaughan Springs in Vaughan.

Colbrook Reservoir 

  • Distance from Daylesford: 34 minutes
  • Location: Colbrook
  • Activities: Swimming, walking, fishing, photography, free camping
  • Facilities: None
One of the most beautiful swimming spots in the Victorian Goldfields, Colbrook Reservoir is an amazing place for bushwalking, swimming, fishing, bush camping, and photography. Featuring a stunning dam wall complete with seasonal waterfall, this place is a must-see when exploring the beauty of the Wombat State Forest.

Click for more info on Colbrook Reservoir in Colbrook. 

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