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Best swimming spots near Bendigo

Posted 03/01/2021 in Places

Looking for awesome new swimming spots around Bendigo? We've got you covered! Discover all the nearby places where you can relax in pretty rock pools, swim beneath waterfalls, jump into reservoirs, and splash in scenic creeks. Check out this list of some of our favourite swimming spots in the area around Bendigo, you're sure to find inspiration for your next summer day out!

Swimming spots within half an hour of Bendigo

Crusoe Reservoir, Bendigo VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: Located within Bendigo
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing, non-powered boating
  • Facilities: Island pontoon, bench seating, toilets
Crusoe Reservoir is the best freshwater swimming spot within Bendigo itself, and is a local favourite for swimming, fishing, kayaking, bushwalking and photography. Surrounded by bushland views and scenic walking tracks, this is a beautiful spot for water recreation and relaxation. Find out more about Crusoe Reservoir.

Rocky Crossing, Goornong VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 26 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing
  • Facilities: None
Rocky Crossing is a picturesque spot on the Campaspe River, where the water rushes through a shallow, rocky section creating swirling rapids and a few seasonal rockpools. A day visit parking area sits to the left of Rocky Crossing Road. Find out more about Rocky Crossing.

Englishs Bridge, Goornong VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 27 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, free camping, fishing
  • Facilities: Picnic tables, wood fire barbecues
Englishs Bridge Streamside Reserve is a great swimming and camping spot along the Campaspe River, just half an hour from Bendigo. Set up camp and take a dip alongside the bridge, bring the rods for an afternoon of fishing, or head off on a kayaking adventure down the scenic river. Find out more about Englishs Bridge.

Bridgewater Swimming Hole, Bridgewater VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 33 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing, picnics
  • Facilities: Electric barbecues, picnic tables, undercover area, toilets
The scenic Bridgewater Swimming Hole has been a local favourite for generations, now featuring a beautiful picnic and barbecue area which overlooks the water, and easy riverside walking tracks complete with viewing platforms. Find out more about Bridgewater Swimming Hole.

Lake Eppalock, Eppalock VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 24 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, boating, picnics, fishing
  • Facilities: Electric barbecues, picnic tables, boat ramps
Lake Eppalock is a popular destination for boating, water sport, fishing, swimming, bushwalking, barbecues and picnics. There are lots of fantastic visitor facilities at various locations around Lake Eppalock including multiple picnic areas with electric barbecues, public boat ramps, several public toilet blocks, and a kiosk. Find out more about Lake Eppalock.

Swimming spots within an hour of Bendigo

The Cascades, Metcalfe VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 43 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, photography
  • Facilities: Picnic table
This extraordinary hidden gem is tucked away in the quiet town of Metcalfe. A series of cascades sweep over layers of bedrock as the water whirls down through rockpools, crevices and little caverns. Relax in a rockpool, take a dip in one of the larger swimming holes, or make your way across the stunning bedrock and boulders to wander along and appreciate the scenic beauty of the Coliban River. Find out more about The Cascades.

Expedition Pass Reservoir, Golden Point (Castlemaine) VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 33 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing, bushwalking
  • Facilities: None
Expedition Pass is a scenic reservoir in Golden Point, just a few kilometres from Chewton and Castlemaine. This reservoir is fantastic for swimming, fishing, bushwalking, canoeing and birdwatching. There are no facilities on site, so bring along a picnic blanket and enjoy a swim and a peaceful picnic lunch by the water. Find out more about Expedition Pass Reservoir

Aysons Campground, Burnewang VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 41 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing, boating, free camping
  • Facilities: Toilets, boat ramp, undercover area
Aysons is a fantastic free camping area along the Campaspe River, 40 minutes from Bendigo. The campground has all the benefits of being situated beside a large river including plenty of swimming spots, fish, a boat ramp, beautiful views and an opportunity for birdwatching. Find out more about Aysons Campground

Loddon Falls, Glenlyon VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 58 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, bushwalking, photography
  • Facilities: None. 
  • Caution: Watch out for sudden cliffs on the walk to the falls, supervise children at all times. 
The Loddon River Scenic Reserve in Glenlyon offers beautiful views, a scenic walk and a stunning waterfall. This peaceful reserve features Loddon Falls, where the Loddon River drops dramatically over a wall of huge hexagonal basalt columns into a pool below before continuing on through the spectacular rocky gorge. Find out more about Loddon Falls.

Glenlyon Community Dam, Glenlyon VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 56 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, bushwalking
  • Facilities: None
This scenic little dam in Glenlyon is a great place for swimming, walking, fishing, birdwatching and photography. Visitors can take the short walk around the waters edge and keep an eye out for resident water birds among the reeds, or lay a picnic blanket on the grass for a peaceful lake-side lunch. Find out more about Glenlyon Community Dam.

Laanecoorie Reservoir, Laanecoorie VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 36 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing, boating, free camping, picnics
  • Facilities: Picnic tables, wood fire barbecues, boat ramps, toilets
Laanecoorie Reservoir is a beautiful swimming spot in the quiet town of Laanecoorie. There are multiple areas around the shore where picnic tables are available, and you can camp just past the weir at the River Recreation Reserve. Find out more about the areas around Laanecoorie Reservoir including Brownbill Reserve, Ankers Causeway Picnic Area, Laanecoorie Reservoir Weir, and the Waanyarra Bushland Reserve

Cairn Curran Reservoir, Baringhup VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 41 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing, boating, picnics
  • Facilities: Electric barbecues, picnic tables, water taps, boat ramps, undercover area, toilets
Cairn Curran Reservoir in Baringhup offers a gorgeous swimming area as well as fantastic picnic facilities. Cairn Curran is also a popular spot for boating and fishing. Find out more about Cairn Curran Reservoir

Vaughan Springs, Vaughan VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 48 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, picnics, bushwalking
  • Facilities: Electric barbecues, picnic tables, giant hillside slide, toilets, free camping
This beautiful park features a shady creek for swimming, mineral spring taps, a giant hillside slide, picnic and barbecue facilities, a free campground and multiple bushwalking options. Find out more about Vaughan Springs

The Blowhole, Hepburn VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, bushwalking, photography, gold prospecting
  • Facilities: None
This historical gold diversion tunnel near Daylesford has created a pretty little man-made waterfall with a shallow swimming hole beneath it. When the creek is flowing from winter to mid summer, water rushes through the tunnel and falls into a small pool below before continuing down the scenic Sailors Creek. Find out more about The Blowhole.

Greens Lake, Corop VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 52 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, fishing, boating
  • Facilities: Picnic tables, boat ramp, toilets, free camping
Set up camp along the shore of Greens Lake and settle in for a relaxing weekend of swimming, fishing or boating. Free camping is permitted along a huge area of the foreshore at this popular lake-side campground. Find out more about Greens Lake.

Turpins Falls, Langley VIC

  • Distance from Bendigo: 50 minutes
  • Activities: Swimming, photography
  • Facilities: None
As of December 2020, Turpins Falls is temporarily closed due to track safety assessments. You can check for updates on Parks Victoria's webpage for Turpins Falls, where they announce any change of conditions.

Turpins Falls drops down over a gorgeous, huge semi-circular wall of rock into a large pool of water below. This is an impressive, peaceful location where you can swim beneath a waterfall! The best time of year to visit to see the falls flowing in full force is winter/spring, but this waterfall usually flows well into the summer months. Find out more about Turpins Falls





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