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Boy Bushranger of Clunes, Victoria

The following articles describe the events leading to the capture and subsequent prosecution of Ernest Clifford Hull, the self-proclaimed bushranger of Clunes, Victoria.
Posted 30/09/2018 in People
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Children of the Victorian Gold Rush

Life for children on the goldfields during the 1850's gold rush was rife with danger and illness - the Pennyweight Flat Children's Cemetery in Castlemaine is a heartbreaking testament to the fact. An ...
Posted 26/04/2018 in People
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Children of the Goldfields

These kids spend their days exploring the Victorian Goldfields! Abandoned mines, mullock heaps, gold diggings and historic buildings are all part of the scenery - along with caves, waterfalls, kangaro...
Posted 18/04/2018 in People
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Captain Melville, the Bushranger of Melville Caves

Calling himself Captain Francis Melville and posing as a gentleman, he reached Victoria about October 1851 and by December had turned bushranger. He claimed leadership of the Mount Macedon gang that w...
Posted 08/09/2017 in People
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