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Bendigo Botanic Garden Bird Aviary

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557-559 Napier Street, White Hills VIC 3550

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  • Free admission
  • Australian parrots
  • Exotic pheasants
  • Located within the beautiful Bendigo Botanic Gardens
  • Playground, toilets, drink taps and BBQs are also within the gardens
This little treasure is located within the Bendigo Botanic Gardens in White Hills - a gorgeous park which features a playground with musical equipment, electric barbecues and picnic tables, a huge variety of plants and wildlife, and peaceful walking tracks.

The bird aviary hosts a number of Australian parrots as well as some exotic pheasants. The aviary has a single path which curves through the enclosure, crossing a pretty pond before exiting out the other side. 

The birds are free to wander and fly around the entire enclosure. You will often find the spectacular pheasants on the walking track itself.

Bird species in the aviary

A visit to the aviary can be very educational for children. There are information signs outside and inside the aviary, which will assist you to identify the different species of birds.

This is a fantastic place to get up close to several beautiful bird species, and with the added bonus of the musical playground (also within the gardens) it is definitely a must-see for children.

More information

Signs on the doors to the aviary ask that you:
  • Leave your dog outside
  • Do not feed or touch the birds
  • Close the gates
The aviary is open from 8am - 4pm weekdays. Closed weekends and public holidays.



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