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Gowar State School No. 1149

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Gower Rd, Gower VIC 3451, just off Castlemaine-Maldon Road

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  • Interesting ruins
  • Reinforced and fenced for preservation
  • Bushland
  • Gold prospecting
  • Dogs allowed on leash
The ruins of the Gowar State School No. 1149 stand in the bushland beside Gower Road, just off Castlemaine Maldon Road, in Gower VIC. 

The Gowar State School No. 1149 opened in the early 1870s and closed in 1908. The remains of this interesting stone building have been reinforced with steel and fully fenced for preservation. You can get an excellent view of the ruins from along the fence. 

Gowar vs Gower

Regarding the spelling of the locality, "Gowar / Gower" - earlier records show the locality being spelled "Gowar", while today it is spelled as "Gower", so the school was named "Gowar State School" but lies in modern day "Gower". According to the Victorian Places website, "it is thought that Gowar derived from an Aboriginal word meaning big hill". 

Explore Maldon

The ruins are located just 6 km from Maldon, which is a beautiful little town well worth exploring. 

Enjoy spectacular views from the Rock of Ages and the Mt Tarrengower Lookout Tower, wander around the extensive ruins of the North British Mine and Quartz Kilns, and much more. Check out our great list of things to do in Maldon, Victoria

Gold prospecting near the Gowar School



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Marie Bell
Please correct your entry so that Gowar is spelled consistently with an "a" not an "e"!