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Charlie Fox's House

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Back Cemetery Road, Maldon VIC 3463

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  • Large stone painted as a house with windows and doors
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Located at the base of Rock of Ages
Charlie Fox's house is a gorgeous feature at the foot of Maldon's Rock of Ages. A large stone nestled among a cluster of green plants has been painted up to look like a quaint little home, with the words "Charlie Fox's House" painted on the far side. This is a wonderful spot for children to explore.

It's a short (but steep) walk up the hillside from Charlie Fox's house to the spectacular Rock of Ages atop Mt Mooral.

Be careful of uneven ground, rocky terrain and unexpected rabbit holes in the grass when walking off the track. 

History of Charlie Fox's House

According to the Maldon Myths and Legends Facebook page:

Charlie Fox's House is situated at the base of the Rock of Ages, just off the Back Cemetery Road. It was first painted in the 1970s By Amy Beckett and they lived on the main road near the golf course. Amy was the original culprit, designing, painting, gardening and maintaining. She did it for her grandchildren to enjoy on walks, so everyone got involved over the years. and even included a rock-edged garden. Charlie Fox's house remains a popular spot with children of all ages to visit as they enjoy a walk through along the back road and the house mysteriously gets a fresh coat of paint regularly.

How to get to Charlie Fox's House

Charlie Fox's house is located off Back Cemetery Road, just up behind the Maldon Cemetery. A faint dirt track (4wd only) turns off to the left from Back Cemetery Road right behind the cemetery. If you park your car along Back Cemetery Road you can walk up this dirt track as it passes right beside Charlie Fox's house. See the map above for exact location. 



  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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