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Koala Park

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Off Melbourne Road, Creswick VIC 3363 (see map for exact location)

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  • Scenic walk
  • Circuit track with multiple options
  • Picnic tables
  • Undercover picnic area
  • Information sign and walk map
  • Chance of seeing koalas
Take a walk through Creswick's beautiful Koala Park, where a circuit track with multiple walk options takes you on a journey through a section of the Creswick Regional Park. 

Walk along forested hillsides looking down over the gullies, take the quaint foot bridges over Creswick Creek, and have a rest at the various bench seats provided along the way.

The Koala Park

The Koala Park was established in the 1940s by members of the School of Forestry as a breeding ground for koalas. 

Fences were constructed to keep them contained, however the koalas were able to climb the fences and soon dispersed into the surrounding forest.

Picnics at the Koala Park

A picnic area sits alongside Melbourne Road and features an undercover area with picnic tables both inside the shelter and out among the trees.

Walking tracks at the Koala Park

An information sign and map provided by Parks Victoria displays the multiple walk options starting from the picnic area. 

The walk can be done in approximately 30 minutes, but takes longer if you explore all the additional tracks which link up along the way. This walk is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs. 

History and information

The information sign displays the following text:


The Beginning

Koala Park was established in the 1940's by the School of Forestry as a sanctuary for Koalas to breed. The fence put up at the time didn't keep them in the area, so it was not maintained. Today Koalas move freely throughout the Creswick Regional Park.

Over the years students from the School of Forestry planted more Manna Gums here as they are the main food of Koalas. 

If you are a patient observer you may see one high in the smooth-barked Manna Gums.

Remember you are just as likely to see a Koala at Slaty Creek or St. George's Lake.

Things to do

There are signposted walks throughout Koala Park. You can walk around the Park in about 30 minutes, or take longer to explore the many sidetracks and linking paths.

Eaton's Dam is a longer walk of 1 hour return, starting from a gate through the far side of the fence. This dam was made by miners, but after being breached by the 1933 floods it now holds little water.

About Koalas
  • Koalas obtain most of their water from the leaves they eat, although they will drink if water is freely available.
  • They are most active in the darker hours, sleeping through the day.
  • Koalas can run across the ground between trees rapidly, if they need to.
  • Don't try to cuddle Koalas on lower branches - their claws can cause serious injuries.
  • Koalas eat about a kilogram of gum leaves a day.
Please help look after the Park
  • Take your rubbish home with you.
  • Stay on walking tracks and roads, for your own safety.
  • Only light fires in fireplaces. Fires are illegal on Total Fire Ban days. 
  • Remember that all native plants and animals are protected.



  • Bushwalking is an excellent way to get outdoors and exploring nature.


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