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Grahams Creek Picnic Area

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Grahams Creek Road, Steiglitz VIC 3331

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This peaceful little picnic area sits alongside a pretty little creek, surrounded by rocky hills and bushland. 

This is a great place to stop in for a quick picnic lunch while exploring the Steiglitz Historic Park and the Brisbane Ranges National Park. 

Picnics and barbecues at Grahams Creek

A single picnic table and wood fire barbecue sit in a clearing by the creek. The barbecue is a small metal fireplace with a barbecue plate on top, which sits on a concrete block. 

The picnic table is set over by the water. 

This is a nice peaceful place for a picnic lunch, but is a case of first-in-first-served. 

There is only one spot for picnics so make sure you have a back up plan in case someone else is already using the space. 

Caring for Grahams Creek

Please note that camping, dogs and firearms are not permitted at this picnic area. 

Camping is available nearby at Friday's Campground.

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  • There are hundreds of fantastic barbecue areas throughout the Victorian Goldfields. Some are in parks/playgrounds, others are scattered throughout the bush. Many barbecue areas are located alongside amazing attractions and walks, so go out for a barbecue and get exploring!


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